Who’s walking down Halloween Street?

I am aware that Halloween has already passed and I am somewhat late, but who says that monsters only come out on that date? It turns out that Halloween Street is where everyone lives and roam freely … Do you want to know them?

When it comes to trick-or-treating you can see them all, a bunch of different witches, monsters with studds and cranky monsters. Ghosts, zombies and vampires… Let’s see, what are we missing?

Oh, yes, you can’t miss skeletons, right?
In this peculiar neighborhood no one is missing, there are those who have to be.

The full moon shines on Halloween Street. It’s time for the trick… or the deal!

Join the boss show, the evil monster, the monster that always says “Look how I dance!” and the rest of his scary gang to celebrate the scariest party in history! Hilarious, creepy and so funny you’ll howl…

Who will you meet on this street?

Halloween Street is kind of like the white pages of monsters and strange creatures. They all live in that neighborhood and are illustrated in our story. Who wouldn’t want a nice mini-agenda of monsters? And it is that eye, that these monsters have nothing creepy and very beautiful are.

When Halloween arrives, children want to dress up as mummies, skeletons, vampires and witches. When you have this book in your hands, you will have more to choose from. In our “agenda” of monsters not one is missing, there are even several variants: 3 peculiar witches, 3 singular ghosts, 3 different zombies.

My favorites are the mummies: an emotional mummy, the mummy of stomach problem and the mummy that with the bandages have a monumental problem.

Gareth Peter and Tim Budgen show us the neighborhood in the form of humorous rhymes and comic illustrations. Those of us who are already a little older will recognize all of them from old horror movies, but this time they have little terrifying and are presented in a funny way and kind face.

The illustrations are a delight, this album can not scare anyone, but we can run the risk of generating tenderness for monsters and wanting to adopt them all.

This album reminded me of another from the same publisher: The Little Book of Monsters.
Both are perfect to bring this type of characters, stories and traditions to children in an opposite way to the usual, showing their friendly and kind side.
Perfect for children who fear monsters to take away their fear based on stories.

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