Ideas for giving Peppa Pig accessories at Christmas

Using Peppa Pig accessories at Christmas has become a tradition in countless homes around the world.

And it is that this endearing pig has captivated millions of children thanks to her sympathy, her affection and her large doses of energy.

Its qualities have led to the creation of countless books, movies and toys ideal for giving Peppa Pig accessories at Christmas that will fascinate your children if they are of preschool age.

But what options do you have? What kind of items can you find in physical and virtual stores? Keep reading and take note of these ideas to surprise the kids with Peppa Pig accessories at Christmas.

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Christmas items from Peppa Pig that will delight the little ones

Christmas products inspired by Peppa Pig not only have a playful character, but also a strong educational component.

Christmas holidays! , various authors

Immersing children in the universe of reading from an early age is essential to get them to feel passion for books throughout their lives.

Therefore, we start this list of Peppa Pig accessories for Christmas with an ideal book for the little ones.

It responds to the title of Christmas Holidays!, is on sale in many bookstores both physical and virtual and among its pages we see how the Pig family learns to ice skate.

The simple vocabulary to which this work resorts, together with its striking and colorful drawings, will undoubtedly capture the attention of the little ones and teach them to love reading.

Peppa’s Christmas Wish, Scholastic

Do you want your children to learn English from a very young age? In that case you can resort to Peppa’s Christmas Wish, an excellent gift from Peppa Pig at Christmas.

And it is that the book tells the emotion that this nice pig feels while waiting for the arrival of Santa Claus and his desired gifts. And all this in the Anglo-Saxon language so that children can know the language in a pleasant and fun way.

Peppa Pig: Christmas and other stories

Surprising the little ones with Peppa Pig accessories at Christmas can be a good idea, especially when among those gifts we find animated films such as, for example, Peppa Pig: Christmas and other stories.

The film, available on DVD, brings together different stories where the Christmas season and the adventures of this endearing character are the protagonists.

Peppa Pig puzzles

Puzzles and puzzles provide countless benefits to young and old, as they are ideal for stimulating memory, developing attention span, working fine motor skills and exercising visual acuity.

Luckily, there are now well-known brands such as Ravensburger that make available to children different Peppa Pig puzzles at Christmas ideal for children over three years of age.

An advent calendar

The advent calendar is an almanac that is used to calculate the countdown from December 1 to Christmas Eve, a day that children usually look forward to with great enthusiasm because it is accompanied by the arrival of Santa Claus.

To know its origin we have to go back to nineteenth-century Germany, when children were in the habit of lighting a candle every day during the Advent period.

Today, the advent calendar has taken very different forms and tends to hide delicious chocolates inside.

However, we can also resort to more original proposals thanks to the advent calendar of Peppa Pig, where each of its 24 doors hides a toy of the famous and sweet pig.

Thanks to this Christmas gift, the little ones will be able to live the arrival of Christmas Eve with more enthusiasm and with large doses of joy.

Remember that in the bookstores and toy stores of your town you will find many other stories, books and accessories of Peppa Pig for Christmas that will help you surprise your children during one of the most magical times of the year and get them to learn by playing at the same time.

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