My baby is very distracted while breastfeeding: how to get him to focus on breastfeeding and eat well

During the first weeks of life, it is common for breastfed babies to only want to be on their mother’s breast. The shots are long (it is practically linked to each other), the baby’s movements are slow and calm, and the crossing of looks between mother and child is constant. But there comes a time,…

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Does your baby put his hand in your mouth while you breastfeed him? With this powerful gesture he is showing you his love.

Breastfeeding our child is one of the most extraordinary and wonderful experiences that mothers can have. It is a moment of absolute intimacy that connects us with our baby in a unique way, and leads us to lay each other beautiful signs of love. Do you know that one of the most powerful gestures that…

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Breastfeeding after a cesarean section: the best positions to breastfeed and not disturb the wound

If you have had a cesarean delivery, this is not an impediment to breastfeeding your baby, although for some women the discomfort of the wound can make it a little more difficult. Therefore, there are some tricks to keep in mind when breastfeeding to avoid pressure and pain at the points of the caesarean section….

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