Applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in education

Artificial intelligence has many applications in education, for example, a chatbot can help a student to know the publication dates of the results of an exam, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. In today’s post we tell you what artificial intelligence is, what recommendations UNESCO gives regarding the application of AI in education…

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Wallets and backpacks for nursery, which one to choose?

One of the first things we moms need from the first outing with the baby is a bag or small briefcase where you can put your little things to spend the day outside, go to grandma’s house, etc. In addition, in nursery school and at school it will be the first thing they ask us,…

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La Vaca Estudiosa – Children’s song and poetry to motivate children to study

The cow of this song and poetry teaches a great lesson to children: how important it is to study regardless of age No matter how old she was and what others thought or said, a cow went to school to study. This cow, protagonist of the funny song of The Studious Cow, brings a great and…

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