The best cleaning always with electric brush.

Surely you have heard that dentists always recommend the use of the electric brush over the manual.

Well, indeed, the level of cleanliness achieved by these brushes is higher than conventional ones, since they manage to reduce much more the bacterial plaque, which is what causes caries and gingivitis.

In addition, poor manual brushing can lead to enamel damage, wear and erosion. Electric brushes are mostly equipped with a pressure gauge so that this does not happen.

If we add to all this that the brush has oscillating + rotary function, it is more effective, since it adopts different angles to reach the juxtagingival area where the gum ends and the tooth begins, which is of utmost importance to eliminate bacterial plaque.

It has also been shown that the use of electric adds 20-40% of extra time in daily brushing. Many brushes are equipped with acoustic signals or programmed time to use them the 2 minutes that are recommended.

Therefore, although dentists do not advise against manual brushes, they do advise electric ones for a better result.

Oral-B series iO.

Since we use electric toothbrushes at home, they have always been Oral-B brand. For my part I think they are the best in value for money and they are always recommended by our dentist.

The new iO series is the most advanced of the brand, with a series of functions and features that make these brushes the perfect tool in brushing.
All of them include bluetooth connection for better control of brushing and oral health.
From the free app we can choose the brushing mode, time the time we use it and get reports and statistics about our cleaning habits.

The brushes in this series come with the latest in iO magnetic technology to offer a professional cleansing feel and gentle brushing with enhanced artificial intelligence and 3D position tracking.

Combine its microvibrator filaments with Oral-B’s dentist-inspired round head for 100% healthier gums in a week.

Within the series there are different similar models, although with some difference between them. Here you can do a small test that will help you choose the perfect brush for you.

Oral-B iO5 discount

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Electric brush Oral-B iO5.

This week I have been able to test the iO5 model thanks to a promotion between Oral-B and Close to you to make this honest assessment about the brush.

• This electric toothbrush combines a round head with microvibrator filaments, to offer a feeling of professional cleaning at home.
• The smart pressure sensor prevents you from brushing too hard or soft to better protect your gums.
• AI-powered brushing recognition recognizes your brushing style and guides you to improve it every day. It connects to the free Oral-B app to track your brushing in real time and guide you through 6 brushing zones.
• It is equipped with 5 modes programmed to customize brushing: Daily cleaning, Intense cleaning, Whitening, Sensitive and Extrasensitive.
• Linear magnetic impeller system that effectively directs cleaning energy to the tip of each individual filament and integrates Oral-B’s iconic round brush with delicate microvibrations to remove plaque better than a manual brush.

oral-b io5


Artificial intelligence iO
Brushing recognition Rechargeable
handle Smart
pressure Microvibrator
filaments 5 programmable

modes Bluetooth connection

Oral-B series iO

Truthful opinion after the use of iO5.

The use of an electric brush is undoubtedly already a big change from the manual. We had Oral-B brushes of the normal ones and at the time we already noticed it when we went to these.
To have been able to test now the new technology that includes the iO series is an improvement.
I have waited two weeks before making this assessment to be able to test it in depth and give my most honest opinion.

Use and strengths: The vibration of this brush is much more noticeable than in other models, it has more strength and leaves a greater feeling of cleanliness.
Even so, it is quite quiet compared to our old model. Vibrational changes let you know when you should change quadrants every 30 seconds.

Autonomy and load: The battery is long lasting and the full charge is done in 3hr. I usually leave him plugged in and he just manages the power and stops when it’s complete.

Connection and App: The app is a great help to keep track of our cleaning habits and to choose the mode more easily than using the buttons on the brush. With it we can see a history of our brushing and information about our routine, pressure, etc. If we choose any of its modes of routines we will see all the information.

Pressure sensor: I really liked this point with which I have been more aware of how badly I brushed my teeth. The brush has a ring that changes color depending on the pressure you exert when using it. Only when it is green will it indicate that it is the correct pressure. On the one hand, it prevents us from clenching too much damaging the teeth and on the other, it will make us clean well, without rubbing too softly.

Programmed modes: Of its 5 programmed modes I have tried two: whitening and intense cleaning. I have to say that you don’t notice a difference in brushing beyond the pressure.

Results: After 2 weeks of use there is a difference in terms of better cleaning between the gums and the teeth. The brush combined with the dental floss daily offers a total and complete cleaning.
As for the whitening mode, also using an oral-b toothpaste with whitening effect I have not noticed a brutal change, but if some stain has disappeared.

For children I see it very good brush for the issue of pressure control and that they brush alone knowing if they do it right or wrong and by the app so that they do not skip the routines and have good dental cleaning habits.

For adults the same, the truth is that it offers a brutal cleaning throughout the gum and not only on the teeth.
It makes it much easier for us to have control of brushing and pressure, as well as the time recommended by dentists.

Another aspect to take into account is the real-time brushing trainer through its app, a very useful option to learn how to brush our teeth correctly without leaving us any area halfway.
If this function does not matter to you, you can opt for the iO4 which is the same brush, but without that option and with a lower price.

Would definitely recommend it with an affordable price. Currently, you can find it for 80-90 € with different promotions and coupons.
The iO range has multiple models with quite high prices and more features than our iO5, but I think that for the price of this and the others, it is a very good option and you will not miss any other function of the most advanced models.

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