David Baddiel presents: AniMalcolm.

David Baddiel is a multifaceted person: actor, writer, comedian, presenter… It combines everything perfectly while enjoying the success of his children’s novels. Agencia Familia Feliz won the award for the funniest book for readers between 9 and 13 years old at the first LOLLIES awards. Today we want to talk about other children’s titles, or no…

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Diary of a killer cat.

In my house there are 6 cats, between the landlords and the stray ones who have adopted us. Of course, none as peculiar as Tuffy. My cats are pure love, cuddly, sleepy and calm. Even the street ones!. As for Tuffy, it’s another story… He is the protagonist of his own series of books and…

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My baby is very distracted while breastfeeding: how to get him to focus on breastfeeding and eat well

During the first weeks of life, it is common for breastfed babies to only want to be on their mother’s breast. The shots are long (it is practically linked to each other), the baby’s movements are slow and calm, and the crossing of looks between mother and child is constant. But there comes a time,…

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