Connecting kids with wildlife with 5 simple actions

Games and activities to teach your children to take care of nature and their environment To enjoy our forests, we need to start by protecting. Let’s protect with our children the wildlife that nourishes us so much; Let’s protect biodiversity. Every day and since childhood. Because they will be ambassadors of sustainability, respect and care for…

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What is global warming and how to teach children to take care of the planet

Every January 28, the World Day of Action against Global Warming is celebrated. The aim of this day is to raise awareness of the serious consequences of climate change for the environment and people. In this post we tell you what global warming is, what causes it and how to teach children to take care of the…

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Natural treasures, a game to bring children closer to nature

A game for children to learn to protect and value the natural environment that surrounds them The illustrator and thinker Francesco Tonucci says that he was made to take out everything he had in his pockets before going to the classroom to enter ’empty of distractions’. This article is precisely a plea to the magic…

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