4 games on biodiversity to involve children in their protection

Activities for children to learn to take care of nature and ecosystems Sometimes it doesn’t hurt for families to stop and rethink our relationship with nature. It is an opportunity to give more visibility and show our sons and daughters the importance, richness and variety of species of plants, animals, microorganisms and ecosystems present. In addition,…

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How to help children connect with nature without leaving home

Home activities to keep the family connected to the natural world from home We need nature, always; Even when for some reason like an illness, we can’t. Everyone, both children and adults, have needs for movement and play without walls, fresh air, dirt, a sense of freedom… basic needs that, if not covered, cause irritability,…

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Natural treasures, a game to bring children closer to nature

A game for children to learn to protect and value the natural environment that surrounds them The illustrator and thinker Francesco Tonucci says that he was made to take out everything he had in his pockets before going to the classroom to enter ’empty of distractions’. This article is precisely a plea to the magic…

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