Christmas songs to learn English

Do you know what is one of our favorite activities during the months of December and January? Enjoy Christmas songs!

And even more so when they are in English and allow you to learn a lot of new words in the Anglo-Saxon language.

At Wikiduca we want to share this magical pastime with you. For this reason, we have made a selection of the Christmas songs that we like the most and that are perfect to have a great time with the kids. Which are your favorites?

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

This children’s Christmas song tells us about a nice reindeer named Rudolph.

A melody with a lot of rhythm and ideal to learn a lot of vocabulary and know the meaning of a lot of words related to the Christmas season.

Winter wonderland

Although it does not have as much rhythm as the previous one, Winter wonderland could not be missing from this list of Christmas songs.

And it is full of sweetness and English words related to winter, an ideal season to sing this melody next to the stove or fireplace.

The little drummer boy

A great classic! Although The Little drummer boy is tremendously known in Spain thanks to the singer Raphael, we are facing a Christmas carol born in the United States.

It has simple lyrics and a very catchy melody that attracts and captivates children. Great for learning English at Christmas!

Twelve days of Christmas

We return to a Christmas song with rhythm that will delight your children due to the joy it transmits.

In addition, the version that you will find in the following video is sung by children, which will please the little ones of the house even more.

Oh, Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree usually occupies a gap in the vast majority of homes around the world during Christmas.

The song that you will find in the following video, sung entirely in English and accompanied by subtitles, is a tribute to this beautiful accessory that we adorn with ribbons, colored balls, stars and many other decorative elements.

Any advice? May you sing this melody in the company of your children and encourage yourself to translate the words that you do not know all together to learn English as a family during this beautiful time of year.

Do you want to build a snowman?

The animated film Frozen has caused a sensation among children in much of the world due to the endearing story it hides and its wonderful songs.

Although it is not a film focused on the Christmas holidays, Do you want to build a snowman? could not be missing from this list of Christmas songs because in it one of the princesses invites her sister to make a snowman, a small ice man who also acquires a great prominence during the month of December.

The first Noel

What would Christmas be without Santa Claus, his reindeer and those gifts that cross the sky to reach the homes where children await them with nerves and excitement?

The Christmas song The first Noel tells us about Santa Claus and the story of this endearing character that fascinates the little ones of the house so much.

Alvin And The Chipmunks

If you are looking for an ideal melody to sing with the family there is no doubt that Alvin And The Chipmunks will delight you.

And even more to your children, who will have the opportunity to learn English while imitating the friendly and unruly squirrels that star in this single.

Silent Night

We finish this tour of some of the best Christmas songs to learn English with Silent Night.

Don’t you know her? Press the “play” button of the video that you will find below and you will immediately recognize the melody of this famous carol that in so many homes has crept during the Christmas holidays.

And don’t forget to translate the words you don’t know to learn new words in the Anglo-Saxon language!

What do you think of these Christmas songs in English?, Will they be part of your life during the next Christmas holidays?

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