Where did my naughty elf come from?

If you usually bichear rrss and blogs, surely when December arrives you will have seen similar elves doing tricks throughout the house. In my case, I have to say that the one who discovered the tradition of the mischievous elf was my namesake Monica (@desmadreando) who has been climbing every trastada of hers for two years since she had only one. Now he has a couple, maybe this year he will surprise us.

The fact is that as a good “ass I see, ass I want”, when I saw her, I soon asked for mine to have fun in the days before Christmas. My son has his Advent calendar and I have an elf.

Economical version without internal wires.
Mischievous goblin of 30 cm
Flexible and moldable legs and arms.

Elf on the shelf.

The tradition of the mischievous elf or shelf elf is inspired by Santa’s helpers and their origin, as you will suppose is not Spanish, but it is a tradition that we have already adopted here.

The mischievous elf like the cagatió or that the star of the Kings makes us a temporary visit from December 1 until Christmas Day.

The elves are spies of Santa Claus and inform him of everything that children do and if they behave well or not to be worthy of gifts, but in turn they are responsible for messing it at home with their occurrences and mischief.

The first thing to do when you receive a visit from a mischievous elf is to name it so that the elf receives its magic. From that moment he is your elf and every morning he will surprise you with his ideas while playing hide-and-seek throughout the house during the day, since at night they pay a visit to the North Pole to tell Santa Claus what they have seen.

What to do with the naughty elf?

The grace of the elf is that the children do not know who is behind each trick, and our task as adults is to make that magic not be lost. We are in charge of looking for ideas to place the elf every day in a different place, organize scenarios, recreate mischief, etc.

Do not worry, there are books with a thousand ideas to recreate, Instagram accounts and pages dedicated to it. I am pulling them to make the ones I see viable to do at home and from time to time I teach some in my rrss in case they serve as inspiration to other parents in distress.











Accessories for our elves:

To finish, I want to leave you references of part of the accessories that are now available for our elves. Each time they are adding and more things to have several elves of different gender, pets, clothes and accessories for them. It’s a whole world!

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