Pocoyo, why do children like it so much?

Pocoyo, the endearing animated character we all know, is about to turn 10. The series began broadcasting in 2004 (2006 in Spain).

The secret of its success lies in its simplicity, creating the world of Pocoyo on a flat white background with no more colors than those of its characters.

“A lot of investment in psychologists and child educators who review all the scripts, so that in each episode they transmit a positive message and values such as joy, effort and friendship. Everything is very well thought out”
Jose María Castillejo, president of Zinkia.

The original chapters, the tenderness of its characters and its funny occurrences make the success of Pocoyo continue to increase. Currently, Pocoyo does not only star in series and movies, it also has numerous educational apps for children and endless merchandising products.

Pocoyo toys by Bandai.

Since he was very young, Noah has had Pocoyo toys of all kinds, personalized clothes and even children’s colognes. Now it’s Alma’s turn, who picks up the baton and with 1 year just turned already recognizes her characters.

Right now we have a series of toys from Pocoyo and his friends in Bandai that will delight the little ones: interactive dolls with activities, circuits and cars, musical stuffed animals and many more.

Pocoyo racing car.


Much more than a simple toy, the Pocoyo car will be our ally with babies who begin to crawl. By about 6-8 months, babies begin to be aware that they can move beyond their place and will try to move as it is: making the kibble, crawling, crawling, etc.

This car stimulates babies to crawl to reach it. It has two speeds and changes direction when it encounters an obstacle. Its sound stimulates the hearing capacity of babies, but if it is exhausting for parents, it also has silent mode.

Pocoyo racing car.

It has two speeds, series music and sounds.
Shock effect with change of direction and reverse
Silent mode to play without making noise.

And if the previous one was a perfect toy to stimulate crawling and movement in general, this other one that I teach you is ideal to encourage the speech of babies, imitation and socialization.
Who doesn’t want to dance and talk to this soft, cuddly duck?

Dancing duck.


Between 6 and 12 months, babies begin to have autonomy when interacting with toys and objects. It is essential that at this stage we offer them totally safe toys that encourage that curiosity and development of movement.

Pato bailón is perfect for this stage. It is a soft stuffed animal that dances, sings and repeats some things that are said to it. In addition to being perfect for movement, it also enhances imitation and wanting to repeat what he says or speak to him so that he repeats thus developing speech.

Dancing duck.

Musical Duck Plush 30 cm to dance, move and sing non-stop.
Includes songs from the series and sounds.
Repeat everything you say.

When we talk about early childhood it is important to always have toys that stimulate the development and senses of children, but at the same time are completely safe and suitable for each stage.
At Bandai they have been manufacturing and marketing toys for children and babies for 70 years and they know how important this is. Have no doubt that their toys are 100% safe and recommended.

Now that these endearing dates are approaching, surely more than one baby likes to receive a Pocoyo toy. Most children ages 1 to 3 recognize it and get excited about it and its episodes, dances, and songs.

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