The 10 best interactive pets for your children.

Who hasn’t had a toy puppy? I think that at some point in our childhood, we all ask to have a puppy or a kitten (unless we already have them) and they end up giving us the consolation prize, the toy dog.

Eye, it is not a bad idea eh, it is very good even. Interactive dogs (or cats, turtles, birds etc.) can have many benefits for children:

We can see if we are prepared to have a real pet at home.
They can enjoy the closest thing to a pet if it is impossible to have a real one.
It helps them become more independent and responsible if we insist that they take care of them.
They develop social skills and imagination.
It encourages symbolic and imitation play.
They are a transitional object that helps them emotionally.

That said, I want to show you some interactive pets that have many options, actions and fun and that can certainly be the star gift this Christmas.

1. Lucy, from IMC Toys.

When you press on his ears, back or nose, he stretches, gives you a kiss, gets up and barks. We have to record his name to get started, and he responds to 15 different voice commands.

2. Zoomer, by Bandai.

Zoomer was my son’s birthday present when he was 4 years old. I thought it was amazing at the time for everything you could do with it. There are two versions of the puppy, we have the 2.0 that is able to learn and obey more than 50 different actions, perform tricks and adopt the behavior of a real dog. There are several models: dog, cat, dinosaur, Marshall etc.

3. Hatchimals, by Bizak.

Hatchimals are surprise babies who arrive in an egg with lights and sounds. For the Hatchimal to hatch you have to caress it and keep it warm.

4. FurReal friends by Hasbro.

Tyler is an affectionate and playful tiger who responds with more than 100 combinations of sounds and movements. J.J., My jumping puppy loves to be petted and played with, hestands tall and barks when you wave your hand or pat him on the head. He barks, and sits down when you stroke his back. There is also Moni Monita, Lolo my cool parrot, a panda, a kitten… FurReal friends has a wide variety of interactive pets.

5. Rescue Runts, by Bandai.

Rescue Runts are great for teaching kids to always decide to adopt animals and never buy them. It can be a spaniel, spotty, husky or German shepherd. They are “abandoned” puppies and arrive home in a sorry state. With the care we provide, the puppies will recover their appearance, stop crying and have better health. They also come with a certificate that proves that you own them. You can read Bebe Geki’s post about her Rescue Ruts.

6. Teksta, from IMC Toys.

Similar to Zoomer, Teksta is a robot dog and responds to touch and hand gestures. He walks, sits and does amazing backflips, moves his head, tail and ears and expresses his emotions through his eyes.

7. Monolo, from Fabrica de Juguetes.

We have Monolo at home but there is also a dog and a parrot. Each one has different functions and you can choose according to what you are looking for. I leave you link to the post where I described the three of you last month.

8. Fingerlings, by WowWee.

Fingerlings can be dinosaurs, monkeys, dragons, pandas… These creatures that cling to your finger are fierce and unpredictable. In wild mode, they roar, whistle and even bite! In meek mode they curl up, purr and love to be around you. These interactive dinosaurs react to touch, movement and sound. They have the capacity to play more than 40 different sounds and animations.

9. Build a famous bot.

The peculiarity of these pets is that you have to build them. There is one that can be a dragon or a dinosaur that is the one my son likes, another that is a rabbit, a bee and a fox. They are S.T.E.M. toys to build, customize and play.

10. Mystery Mao, from IMC Toys.

Another novelty of this year and that my son has put in the letter of the kings is Mystery Mao, a very smart interactive kitten capable of guessing the word you are thinking of. He also knows what time and will ask you in the morning if you have had breakfast, how you slept and in the afternoon how your school went.

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