Rocky Rocker and Robi Train by Fisher Price. Smart technology toys that grow with your kids.

Last month appeared in my inbox another of those promos that Madresfera launches and that we like so much. It was one of their quality seals in conjunction with Fisher Price and when we were selected we were able to test Rocky Rocky Rocker and Robi’s Train and his friends at home.

Our little tester of these toys is almost a year old, he is a beautiful boy who lives next door and who has also taken one of the gift toys for his house for having been such a good critic.
We put the two toys together and the truth is that he threw himself for the train and its little passengers without hesitation. I imagine it caught his attention more for moving everywhere and being able to chase him.
Rocky gave him some respect at first although little by little he earned it.

I want to tell you the conclusions and my opinion about the two toys now that we have been fiddling with them for a week.
Both toys have three different levels to operate according to the age of the children:
First level Explore, for the most basic concepts.
Second level Interact in which they are invited to participate and answer questions.
Third level called Imagine that is in which they completely enjoy the toy and activate all its possibilities.

Rocky rocker.

I particularly loved Rocky with his friend Chispa. I see it as a toy with many possibilities and those that can be used for several years without getting bored.
In case it happens to you like me that sounds like Chinese about intelligent technology, I will tell you that it gets toys to adapt to the growth and learning of children to teach them the contents that are configured.

With Rocky they can learn the alphabet or numbers and speak English too. You can record your voice or theirs and they will repeat it, Rocky and his friend Chispa interact together, they have sounds, songs and lights and a long etc … You can read the specifications and features here, because what I want to tell you is what we have lived with them.

At first I didn’t even know what to do with him and just watched him move and dance or sing songs. He gradually discovered that they could interact together, and that if he pressed his buttons or moved his hand, Rocky would respond.

In addition, Rocky interacts with Chispa, so when the child does not know what to do, they encourage him to participate in their games and songs. It is quite large, so at first our little one was self-conscious, but no doubt after a while he gained confidence and caught his attention.

They tell us in the instructions that as the toy swings, invites children to swing with it and is totally covered, even you end up swinging yourself when you spend some time looking at it, it is a genius to provoke imitation.
Develops the senses during the game: The sight with its lights and colors, the touch when pressing different buttons and parts of the toy, the ear with its songs, recordings and sounds. He also encourages and invites them to talk and sing with him, imitate his sounds, language and movements, and learn the words he teaches them.

Another aspect that I would highlight is its versatility to practice fine motor skills with its buttons and features for it. For example, squeezing Chispa to sing songs or pushing Rocky’s hand to record messages, in addition to the buttons he has on his body.

It is very resistant to slaps and little hands that want to browse it. Around here it has survived without problems to the touches, pressure on its buttons and pushes.

Train of Robi and his friends.

I have to say that I have an older model of this train at home for 6 years and it still works, so I can attest to its endurance. Our train is still used at home to transport dinosaurs so I predict a long life for Robi.

I met Robi through the little owl of Planning to be parents, who has his robot version and who is his best friend. I leave your review here in case you want to see it too.

The train is the first thing my little testator wanted as soon as he saw it, and the truth is that it attracts attention. In addition to circulating, it emits sounds and up to 90 songs.
Like Robi, he uses smart technology so that we can adapt his content to the age of each child and thus learn with them.

First you will have to reach and catch the train as it moves as it wants. That is a fun part and forces the kids to chase it so it is great to encourage crawling or first steps. If with Rocky they exercise fine motor skills, with this they will also be exercising gross motor skills.
Once they have it, they will have to discover everything it is capable of, it is a box of surprises!

Let’s see, I already knew more or less the operation of the train by which I already had at home, so it was more or less controlled and I was guiding the child a little. For example, they have in common that in one of the wagons, when they pose a character in it, they activate the songs.

They also have to learn how to make him start walking again, he has so many options that it is quite a dame task. It satisfies their curiosity by their continuous touching to activate interactions.

Robi, Robita and Guau guau dog will accompany the kids in their games and songs with the train.

Fisher Price Toys.

Fisher Price toys are a success and I do not say it because I have been selected for this promo, we have really grown up with them and now my son does. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of them is their durability, I have toys that have passed several generations of children or that have gone from cousins to cousins and continue to work.
In my house there is another little train of Fisher Price, smaller and simpler, which is no less than 16 years old.

Obviously it should also be noted that they are toys designed for children to learn by playing, grow at the same time as them, and adapt to their age to help them in their development and acquisition of skills.

They are toys that do not do everything for your children but stimulate them and invite them to discover and touch to learn everything they are capable of doing, learn basic concepts such as colors, shapes, numbers, letters etc. and improve their social skills, psychomotor development and growth in general and also, with all the security offered by the quality of their toys and ensuring moments of fun.

Sign for example the learning tables that every child uses at some point. In this post of The Baby’s Ship you can see in detail the Fisher Price and its multitude of options.
Another FisherPrice classic we love is their piano kicking activity blanket. We also had it with the little one and the piano was a success at any time.

Now they have robots and dolls destined to interact with the kids, such as Robi, Movi or the puppy of first discoveries.
And we do not forget their small toys: rattles, teethers, interactive books etc, or toys for the largest in the house … I’ll just say there’s an Indominus Rex out there.

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