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I could not say how many toy pets my little heir has already had because he likes animals so much that they are always a gift that usually falls here.
He would love to have dogs, lizards, iguanas, birds… but really. The problem is that we are not at home all day and it would be very unfair to have a poor animal always alone, so we only have kitten and the rest are toy pets.

Toy pets that interact with children are an almost certain success. As soon as they make a cute, you know that they will attract their attention. There are more and less sophisticated: from those that only move the tail to those that learn actions that you teach them.

Today we are going to talk about Trasto, Monolo and Pajarolo, the Urban Pets of Fabrica de Juguetes coinciding with the arrival of Monolo home. Our funny Monolo, who does not learn anything, but has a super contagious laugh that even the cat has caught his attention.

Trasto, Monolo and Pajarolo.

Trasto is a very complete puppy because he has up to 60 different reactions. Depending on whether you go on or without your leash, you will react one way or another. For example, with the leash it will obey the actions such as “junk, follow me”, “Junk, sit down”.

On the other hand, in its free mode it can do the pine, lie down, play and go free. That is, without a leash he will not obey you and you will have to educate him. A challenge for the little ones.

Pajarolo is the friendly parrot that repeats what you say. Of course, he will repeat it whenever and however he wants. These pets are somewhat talkative eh. It has sounds, whistles, sings, speaks and also moves.
You can also record and play your own messages through Pajarolo.

The more you tickle it, the more laughter and pedorretas it releases.
It can sit or you can hang it by the tail.

Monolo is the funniest monkey. You can have it on your lap or hang it as if it were in a tree.
Tickle his belly and he will start laughing. Tickle him again and he will continue to laugh harder and louder and let out pedets. Unlike his two friends, Monolo has no actions or pays attention to anything, but his laughter is very contagious and babies love it (and cats).

The three pets belong to the new Urban Pets collection of Fabrica de juguetes. I already told you about them last week when we showed you the race circuit of the little one and as that time approaches in which children begin to write down toys for the Magi, they are putting us long teeth taking out new toys that will delight the little ones in the house.

Why buy toy pets?

Children usually come a time when they ask their parents to have a pet. Unfortunately it is not always possible to have a real pet at home, or sometimes we are not sure that it is very successful and we have doubts.

Toy pets are a good way to prepare the way or see if it will be a good idea to have a real pet someday.
Obviously they are not the same and have nothing to do with the care of one and the other but we can get an idea.

When it is not possible to have pets at home, although they will never replace a real animal, they can be a good alternative. There are toy pets that behave like real ones with all kinds of actions and movements.

A toy pet can help them become more independent. They feel more accompanied with them, and you can encourage them to, for example, want to sleep alone in their room, spend a night away from home, overcome the first days of school etc.

These pets are a transitional object for children that brings them many emotional benefits in addition to helping to develop imagination and improve social skills.

The good thing is that you do not have to take them out to pee, bathe them, take them to the vet or look for kangaroo for them when you will not be able to be. In addition to this type of pets they let them enter all hotels and restaurants, and that is a kick.

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