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What is the best way for a child to learn? Of course, it is not usually sitting several hours memorizing a book, which there will be those who work, but few would choose it. Learning through play, projects, topics that children like and games, is proven to be the best way to learn and is called gamification.

Gamification is a learning technique that transfers the mechanics of games to the educational-professional field in order to achieve better results, either to better absorb some knowledge, improve some skill, or reward specific actions, among many other objectives.

At home we are not always trying to make everything educational or to be constantly learning because everything in excess is bad, so he has games, books and does activities simply for leisure, to have fun.
But sometimes it happens that you find materials that you know you will love and that, in addition, serve to learn.

That is the case of this collection of science comics of Astronave that use a format as attractive to them as the comic to teach them concepts, curiosities and data on the topics they edit.


At the moment they have published five very complete comics on the following topics:

Dinosaurs. Fossils and feathers.
Cats. The inherited and the acquired
Volcanoes: fire and life.
Pests – the microscopic battle.
Dogs. From predator to protector.

We have obviously chosen to premiere in this collection the title related to dinosaurs. It could not be otherwise!

Dinosaurs. Fossils and feathers.

Dig for knowledge!

68 million years ago, a Tyrannosaurus Rex stalked its prey in North America. 200 years ago, Mary Anning unearthed a strange fossilized skull in England. And now, in the present, our conception of dinosaurs continues to change at full speed!

Discover in this comic, through the exciting history of paleontology, everything we thought we knew about these fascinating creatures and everything we know today.

For 165 million years, dinosaurs were the undisputed kings of the earth until their mysterious demise, attributed to various causes according to different points of view. My son is one of those who believes that it was the meteorite that caused its extinction.

Although we do not know exactly how it happened, what we do know is that they existed and we have proof of it with fossils, their bones, eggs and other remains. They are part of our history, and that is why learning about them is not a merely playful and fantastic fact, it is science.

The comic begins by telling us about the disappearance of dinosaurs, but it is not limited only to talking about them, it tells us how it was that their bones and fossils began to be discovered with the arrival of the industrial revolution, in which more and more was excavated in the earth.

It also shows us in detail how fossilization is carried out, something that is always named and very rarely explained in such detail.
Another point that the book names is that of the certainty that many dinosaurs were covered with feathers, despite the fact that the cinema has made us think that it is not so, just as they have made us have a wrong perspective on the size of some dinosaurs.

We will meet certain characters who had a lot to do with dinosaurs, discoverers of fossils, expert paleontologists or historians who were giving name to the dinosaurs that were being discovered, anatomists specialized in the subject … A handful of men and women who were once famous in this field and who we rarely hear about or appear in children’s books.

Science and dinosaurs are closely linked and go hand in hand, there is still much to discover and learn from these extraordinary creatures that my son admires so much.


Title: Science comics. Dinosaurs; Fossils and feathers Texts: Mk Reed
Illustrations: Joe Flood
Publisher: Astronave
Subject: science, dinosaurs
ISBN: 978-84-679-4761-8
Details: 128 pp, 15 x 21 cm

The most accurate and faithful book you will see about dinosaurs for children.

I can’t tell you how many books we have at home about dinosaurs… There are several dozen. Some are more childish than others, some are very informative, others are just stories to entertain the little ones.
As for reference books, we have several very interesting ones with enough data to learn a lot about dinosaurs, their habitat, their characteristics and others, but none so far that showed their origins in such detail with dates, places, characters that had to do with their study or discovery, etc.

Without a doubt this is a science comic that can not be missing in the library of a good dinosaur lover and I assure you that it is not a simple comic, it is a well of wisdom and relevant data explained in the form of a comic so that children do not find it difficult to understand or acquire them.

About the authors:

MK Reedt is the writer for The Cute Girl Network and Science Comics. Dinosaurs among others. He also writes and draws About a Bull, a webcomic that adapts Irish mythology.

Joe Flood is an author and illustrator of comic books, including Pirates of the Caribbean and Orcs: Forged for War. For Science Comics he has collaborated in Dinosaurs. Fossils and feathers and in Sharks: Nature’s Perfect Hunter.

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