What to buy for the arrival of the baby: breastfeeding

Although breastfeeding is the most natural form of feeding in the world and to establish it you only need your breast and the baby, it is true that there are some products that make your day-to-day life a little easier.

Today we review all of them and offer you the best options that we can currently find in the market of breast pumps (both manual and electric), breastfeeding discs, storage bags, cushions and breastfeeding bras.

Manual breast pump

This breast pump is so small that it fits in a bag, without the need for batteries or cables. It is compact, lightweight, portable and designed to fit: the oval shape of the Medela PersonalFit Flex funnel with its soft, smooth and flexible edge can rotate 360 degrees and easily adapts its position to the shape of your chest. A natural extraction experience thanks to Medela 2-Phase Expression technology that mimics the infant’s instinctive suction rhythms for a more natural and comfortable extraction experience.

Kidoo Manual Milk Extractor

It adapts to the chest from a precise angle of extraction so that the process is not uncomfortable for the mother. Its use does not require great instructions, since the design is designed to be intuitive, practical and simplified and the separation of its parts makes the cleaning carried out in seconds. Then, the readjustment also does not exhibit greater difficulties due to the dimensional accuracy of the components.

Its low weight favors support and establishment in a comfortable collection position and does not make noise during suction, thus giving you privacy and discretion in case you need it.

Philips Avent manual milk extractor

This breast pump is designed with Natural Motion technology, inspired by the baby’s own natural suction action, to achieve a quick extraction of milk. You can easily adjust the pace and emptiness. It fits practically all nipples.

The innovative silicone flange stimulates the nipple to start the flow of milk quickly for a comfortable and effective extraction. It is compact and light, which means that it is easy to store and transport for easy and discreet removal anywhere.

Edibaby Manual Breast pump

It has a silicone valve that separates air and milk, which protects the reflux of breast milk. Perform the extraction with total comfort thanks to its ergonomic swivel control, which allows you to grab the Edibaby manual breast pump in the most simple and comfortable way.

It is made with simple and removable parts for easy washing, which will help keep it clean at all times.

Lansinoh Manual Breast pump

It is a comfortable, practical and easy-to-use breast pump. A simple button at the top allows you to switch between two phases of breastfeeding: stimulation and extraction and incorporates the ComfortFit chest cup that creates a safe vacuum, for a better fit and suction and an Easy Express handle designed to reduce hand fatigue. It includes NaturalWave nipple to maintain breastfeeding patterns.

Lansinoh silicone breast pump

It is a practical breast pump, perfect to prevent breast milk from spilling during breastfeeding or pumping into the other breast effectively, with a natural suction effect, without adhering. It is light, easy to handle and adapts to any breast size. It doesn’t spill thanks to the suction cup and the neck tape. Dishwasher safe in the upper basket and for disinfection in the microwave and sterilizer.

Elvie Curve manual breast milk collector

It works by natural suction. It has no complicated parts and is equipped with a valve to control the suction power and prevent slippage. Perfect for monitoring the amounts of milk on a daily basis. Extract up to 120 ml in each session.

It’s not electric but it’s hands-free. To gently extract the milk, align the nipple and squeeze the silicone bag creating a natural suction force. Ideal while feeding the baby or extracting milk with the other breast or when you feel your breasts full. It can be worn discreetly and comfortably inside the bra without worrying that the collector may fall off.

Electric breast pump

Medela Solo Electric Breast pump

This electric breast pump has a built-in battery for up to six pumping operations on a full charge. It only comes with a Medela Personal Fit Flex breast protector for greater comfort and better milk flow

It is easy to use, noticeably quieter and offers a natural pumping experience with 2 phases that mimic the instinctive rhythm of the baby for a more natural and comfortable pumping.

Philips Avent Electric Milk Extractor

The Philips Avent electric breast pump promises to pump more milk in less time thanks to a perfect balance of suction power and stimulation of the nipple, oriented to the natural way babies drink. It has 8 levels of stimulation and 16 levels of pumping.

Since all nipples are unique and, therefore, have different shapes and sizes, the soft silicone cushion can be folded smoothly and flexibly and adapts to the size and shape of the chest.

Momcozy Electric Breast Pump

This breast pump has a portable and lightweight wireless pump and a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 800 mAh, which can be used anytime and anywhere. Once fully charged, it can be used for about 80 minutes / 3-6 times.

It has 2 modes that can imitate the baby’s feeding method to optimize milk extraction, and each mode has 5 levels of intensity adjustment so that each mother can find her own rhythm and produce more milk in a shorter period of time.

It has soft edges and is made of soft food-grade silicone. Pleasant to the skin, safe and BPA-free. It is not painful to maintain a good seal to obtain the best suction and ultra-quiet.

Elvie Stride Portable Electric Breast Pump

This breast pump offers the ability to choose from 10 intensity levels in both stimulation and extraction mode for optimal comfort and efficiency while extracting, with a hospitable strength of up to -300 mmHG.

It’s hands-free, without bottles or hanging cables. Elvie Stride collects the milk inside the bra, keeping your hands and body free so you can move and extract milk anytime and anywhere.

It is light, weighing less than 150 g per container, Elvie Stride is light and compact and allows you to collect milk inside the bra. Its discreet silhouette looks natural under the clothes, it is connected to a smart application, it is ultra-silent and discreet.

Lansinoh Compact Electric Individual Breast Pumps

Breast milk extractor with adjustable suction and rhythm, mimics the way the baby feeds naturally and maximizes milk production. It offers 5 adjustable suction levels for maximum comfort.

It is small enough to carry in your bag when you are away from home and has a lightweight design with USB connection and AC power adapter. It has a LED backlight indicating the level of suction, even during night breast milk extraction sessions.

Suavinex Electric Breast Pump

It provides an automatic pumping that extracts milk quickly and easily, imitating the baby’s suction rate. Its unique double-regulation Link System allows you to adjust, on the one hand, the suction frequency, and on the other, the intensity of the vacuum. This allows you to start with a very soft suction and increase in speed and intensity, up to 11 levels of adjustments according to the sensitivity of the chest, getting total control over your own extraction.

The extractor attaches perfectly to the chest thanks to the anatomical cup, without additional pieces of Silicone, which achieves a better grip and with it a better vacuum, providing a more comfortable and painless extraction. With the possibility of using it with batteries, the flap on the back of the pump allows you to place it at the waist to move freely and extract the milk wherever and whenever you want.

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