La Vaca Estudiosa – Children’s song and poetry to motivate children to study

The cow of this song and poetry teaches a great lesson to children: how important it is to study regardless of age

No matter how old she was and what others thought or said, a cow went to school to study. This cow, protagonist of the funny song of The Studious Cow, brings a great and valuable lesson to children: how important it is to learn and study, and that with effort all dreams become reality. A song authored by the Argentine María Elena Walsh, to encourage children to go to school and study. Learn the lyrics of this song and sing along with your kids.

The Studious Cow – Song and poetry to encourage children to study

Once upon a time there was a cow
in the Quebrada de Humahuaca

Because she was very old, very old
She was deaf in one ear
And even though she was already a grandmother
One day she wanted to go to school

She put on red shoes, tulle gloves and a pair of glasses
The frightened teacher
saw her And she said,
‘You’re wrong.’ And the cow replied
“Why can’t I study?”

The cow dressed in white
settled on the first bench
The boys threw chalk
And we died of laughter

People went very curious
To see the studious cow
People arrived in trucks
On bicycles and on airplanes

And as the bochinche increased
In school, no one studied
The cow standing in a corner
Ruminated the lesson alone

One day all the boys
We became donkeys
And in that place of Humahuaca The only wise was the cow And in that place of Humahuaca

The only wise was the cow

Moral: It is in the effort to overcome difficulties and obstacles that dreams are realized.

Songs, stories and poems featuring cows for children

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Keys to promote the desire to excel in children

Teaching children to strive to overcome challenges is the secret to getting children to achieve their dreams. Children need challenges to prove to themselves that they can do things on their own. In this way, it is very important that parents teach them, from the earliest age, to continue advancing to face challenges. Here are some tips:

– Encourage children to make decisions

– Ask and listen carefully to the opinion of children

– Highlight and recognize children’s achievements, no matter how young they may be

Never demand from the child a skill or capacity for which he is not prepared

– Motivate children to do things on their own, such as getting dressed, putting things away, etc.

– Always have words of encouragement when something does not go well for children

– Help children discover their strengths and talents

– Train children to see a mistake as learning

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