Playing with building blocks at any age is beneficial.

We have the habit of putting an age limit on toys and I don’t understand why. That is, I think it is very good that they report the recommended age to start using a certain toy, but put a limit, for what? If I like to play with dolls, is there an age from which I can no longer do it?

At home we take into account the recommended age when deciding if a toy is suitable or not, but we never keep toys that “go over the age”. I know moms who when a toy or game is for younger ones, automatically saves it to take steps to more advanced toys.

We have many toys that can be considered for young children such as the playmobil 123, an activity tablet to learn to count, colors, shapes etc. or the famous large building blocks specially designed for babies. We gave him a big bag when he was three years old and he still has all the pieces.
And although he now uses the small Lego blocks, he has never stopped playing with the large Moltó Blocks.

That’s why I was not surprised at all when this year he asked us at Christmas for the Dinosaur with Moltó blocks… It was logical to have a dinosaur, to ask for it. And it is not strange that we put it on the list without hesitation, although it is indicated for younger children. After all, it also has for example the advanced cross bike that is supposed to be for children, and we continue to use it. Who am I to limit him?

Building blocks, a thousand options.

Think about it: what can these blocks be used for? I see a thousand utilities. To build enclosures for your dinosaurs, a new house for the cat, high towers for your dragons and godzilla to knock them down or endless possibilities.

In my house they mainly serve to create Jurassic parks and keep the dinosaurs in their enclosures without danger to the dolls, but sometimes we also assemble trucks that transport them or caves where they are sheltered.

The kit includes in addition to 30 pieces of blocks, a mega dinosaur with sounds. You can feed the chips with chicken thigh stickers and rescue them later without problem. Or simply store them in your gut, thanks to the trapdoor it has and allows you to store and remove everything inside.

It includes a kit of stickers to decorate the blocks and thus turn them into decoration, bones and fossils, fruits, plants or the skewers of the dino itself.

The good thing about this type of construction pieces is that they are compatible with each other and also fit with other brands, so if you have been given or have others, you can join them all.
In the Moltó Shop you will find not only the dinosaur kit, there are kits with wheels to create vehicles, fire station, ships or simply boxes of multiple construction pieces for free play.

Some tips.

Do not put limits on their imagination. Some batches or block kits come with assembly instructions to create something specific but if children want to do it differently, let them do it.

Mix the building cubes with other elements such as fabrics, vegetation, cars, characters etc. to create complete “playsets” to play.

Benefits of playing with blocks.

Mathematical thinking. A set of blocks of different size and color can lead children to the need to create sequences, classify them, group them

Imagination and creativity. There are two types of blocks or bricks: those that arrive in mixed packs without instructions, and those that arrive with instructions to build a specific model. In any case, both can be used to let the imagination run wild and for children to build what they want, without limits.

Colors, shapes and numbers. With this type of blocks when children are young they can learn colors, shapes and even numbers. Also if you write numbers on the side, you can have fun doing simple operations such as addition and subtraction.

Motor skills and cognitive development. Since they hold the pieces when they are very small, they are already enhancing eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills when fitting the pieces. As they grow, they also start their gross motor skills, as they move to create larger and taller constructions.

Spatial reasoning. Trying to make constructions children begin to acquire spatial vision and recognize the concepts large, small, above, below, geometric shapes etc.

Learn concepts such as symmetry, resistance, their hardness or how they can place them while maintaining balance.

They are unisex, there is no gender difference. The blocks are not for boys or girls, they serve for everyone by promoting equality with toys and the game itself. Boys and girls can play at the same time even if some are building houses and the other cars.

Social skills. When playing in a group, they serve as a bridge to communication and relationship with other children. Teamwork when creating constructions or simply improving sociability by sharing space and play.

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