Christmas balls personalized with names or photos. You won’t know which one to choose.

I would dare to say that we all have our own traditions at Christmas. One of mine is to add to the tree new ornaments every year, personalized, gifted, school crafts, bought by us … It doesn’t matter where they come from, but they all have a value for our family.
Lately, I add a lot of custom Christmas balls, because there are so many beautiful models that I never have enough and want more.

This is how I have been adding ornaments and balls to the tree. Some with photos of those who are no longer here, but in our hearts. Others with our names, some even with a special place that for us is home, figures that the child makes at school in various materials, felt dolls, etc.

When I was little I liked to see the tree of my grandmother’s house because each ornament told a story, and that is what I have tried to recreate in these years, that my tree tells us something with each of its ornaments.

Our acquisitions 2022.

This year our personalized Christmas balls have arrived and although I did not have in mind to add so many… My hand went out and I love it. Many of you will know that we are a very large family with the 3 eldest daughters of my husband, the couples of 2 of them, the little one, the cats, our grandson-dog … Someday I would complete my collection of balls for everyone and that day has almost arrived. At least, I’m missing less.

The first one I added was that of the 3 kittens, that I did with a photo on methacrylate because with names I did not all fit into one. Estrellita, manchita and zorrito occupy too much space in a ball with a name, so they have had photo format.

This year I fell in love with the balls carved in wood and with silhouettes, so that several different ones have fallen for the heiresses and the child. Oh, and I didn’t forget one for the two of us, that looks like we’re romantic and all. The truth is that I already had many balls in the cart and I said to myself, well we together and stop adding.

I wanted to think a little about each of them when choosing the balls, that’s why Natalia got the ball painted with snow, it reminded me of her skiing side. He loves skiing and loves snow.
Carolina got the star because this has undoubtedly been her star year. And Alexandra the silhouette of the reindeer because when I see it I remember her and her partner. They have a house in a small village among pine trees where there is varied fauna, including deer and deer, I thought it was perfect because, in addition, they love nature.

Obviously, the child’s had to be a dinosaur and when I saw the size of the rex I did not think about it, that is his ball, without a doubt.

Personalized Christmas balls with Stikets.

Where have I gotten these Christmas balls personalized to the maximum and so beautiful?. Well, in Stikets, you surely know it for its stamps and adhesive labels for objects and clothes that mothers use so much with schools and camps.
In the Stikets Christmas shop you will find Christmas sacks and socks, material to prepare Advent calendars, vinyl of Christmas motifs and obviously, personalized Christmas balls.

In addition, to say that it is one of the cheapest to make this type of ornaments with so much customization, since the personalized balls cost only € 4.95 and the double bottom € 9.95. Of everything I’ve seen out there, they’re the cheapest and most options I’ve ever found.

All the balls have included a piece of red ribbon to hang them from the tree, although logically you can use the one you want or combine different strings and ties to use them in your Christmas gifts or to combine with your trees. I love them in red because my tree is from Atleti.

15 types of Christmas balls to choose from:

1. In wood with icon. 18 icons to choose from and different fonts in the letter. The good thing about these balls is that you can put 1 or 2 names or a short phrase. The whole ball is made of wood and the icon is carved in the center.

2. Wooden with name silhouette. In these there are no drawings or icons, just the name without distractions and 3 different fonts to choose from.

3. Methacrylate with shapes. Another option other than wooden balls. There are 18 different silhouettes of animals or Christmas elements and 14 fonts and you can choose between translucent or transparent ball.

4. Openwork wood. Simple wooden balls with the name in openwork wood and 18 icons + 4 fonts to choose from.

5. With printed background. These are the only ones that cost more (9,95 €) for their double printed background. They are beautiful balls in which we can combine the design of the background with that of the name to create different combinations.

6. Made of wood with silhouettes or shapes. In these the protagonist is the silhouette, there are 18 to choose between reindeer, stars, unicorns and even dinosaurs. The name is engraved just below. It was our favorite for the boy.

7. With name and wooden silhouette. Another of our favorites, these balls combine the name and silhouettes of stars, holly, hearts or whatever you want, there are 20 different designs.

8. With wood colors. Another different option to give a touch of color, they have 19 different drawings each one more beautiful and the name or short phrase in the middle.

9. Only name in methacrylate. A simple ball where the protagonist is the name in the typography that you like the most with 3 to choose from and 2 different finishes.

10.Methacrylate in colors and with name. A colorful and striking ball mixing the two available finishes of methacrylate with the 18 full-color designs.

11.Engraved wood. If you like more classics, these are yours. These balls are engraved with the name and motifs that surround the ball and that you can choose between 11 different ones.

12.Methacrylate with frame. Like the previous ones, but in methacrylate, these balls have the name as the protagonist and a frame with different shapes surrounding it.

And if all these seem few, they also have 3 options of balls with photo or icon, one in methacrylate and one in wood. We chose this option to make one of the kittens, since their names did not fit into a single ball. You can make a ball with icons that represent you, with the photo in square and a nice background or with the photo occupying the entire ball.

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