We rescued a Husky! Rescue Runts, puppy looking for a home.

Today’s post could be perfectly written by my little one without help because he is so excited about his new pet that he has learned everything, everything.
We have rescued one of the adorable Rescue Runts and we have to tell you, because it is a nice gesture that also collaborates with a good cause, teaches children good values and has fun. An all-in-one that children and their parents like.

In addition rescuing one of the puppies you will be collaborating with the Aladina Foundation that cares for children with cancer, so that they never lose their smile. A part of the sales of the puppies goes to them.

Rescue Runts

Rescue Runts puppies are super cute and loving, and are looking for a home. We can choose between the Husky, the German Shepherd, the Spaniel and the Spotty. Each one with the traits of their race but all need the necessary care so that they recover and are well. And that’s what we have to take care of (well, our kids).

The chosen puppy comes home disheveled, sad, flea-ridden, injured, dirty and nameless. They have been abandoned and have no one to take care of them and love them, which is why they cry and are so neglected.
Our mission is to rescue him, that is: take care of him, make him well and give him a home.
They include some accessories necessary for that task: tweezers to remove fleas, wipe to clean it, comb to brush it and a necklace to write your name behind.

How do we have to take care of it?

· We have to heal his wounded paw.
· With the tweezers, it will be necessary to remove all the fleas one by one.
· We will dry your tears with the washcloth that includes.
· We will lift their little ears and stretch their tongue so that they smile (they are molded).
· We will wash the stains on their legs with warm water.
· We will brush it well to undo the knots of your hair.
· We will choose a name and write it on the necklace that must be put on it.
· Finally, we complete your rescue certificate.

Eye! You will have to continue taking care of your pet all the time as if it were a real animal because if you do not, it will be disheveled again and again. We love that detail because this way we will not spend a single day without attending to it and it will not be a toy of those who end up forgotten when there is no fun.

Now also a kitten and Babies puppies.

Just when we chose our puppy, the new kitten Rescue Runt came out as a novelty Snowball. You will have to take care of it and take care of it just like the puppies but in a kitten version.

But that’s not all since this spring also arrive the Rescue Runts Babies, 20 models of adorable different puppies to collect that will also have to be cared for and brushed. In addition, their boxes become little houses for them. There are puppies, kittens, panda bear, monkey, brown bear and even a unicorn.

All of them are Bandai toys, making children happy in Spain since 1989 offering toys of great success and with all the quality and safety that our children deserve.

Responsibility with pets.

Rescue Runts are a great way to teach children the responsibility of owning a pet and what it entails. By disheveling when you ignore it, children can see that having a pet is much more than walking it and paying attention to it for a few minutes, you have to take care of them and love them forever.

If your little ones cry out for a pet at home, it can serve as training to check if they are ready to take care of another living being.
Pets make children more responsible and sensitive. With them they acquire empathy and will be able to put themselves more easily in the shoes of another and to denounce and not tolerate injustices.
But having a real pet is a big responsibility, and we should never take one home without being sure that it will have all the necessary care and attention. That’s why I think it’s very important to do interactive or stuffed pet training like Rescue Runts.

At the same time, it seeks to raise awareness among children about abandonment and cruelty to animals. The little ones receive a dirty, disheveled, flea and very sad puppy or kitten. With this we can make them see the consequences of abandonment, what pets suffer with it. Neglect is a form of abuse and let us remember that today’s children are the adults of the future, and it is our task that they become good people and have values and responsibility.

If you need help with pets, you can follow the Youtube channel of Rescue Runts where veterinarian Mia and the Rescuers Club teach us how to take care of themselves correctly. In his consultation he attends to all the children on Fridays at 19:00 p.m. to answer their questions and help them with their pets in their new episodes.

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