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If you are looking for the perfect name for your baby, and you need a hand or have the opportunity to know names of different origins and meanings, check our baby name finder, and you can find lists of female and male names by country, that is, English, German, Italian, Russian, French, Portuguese, Mexican, Colombian, Arabs, Spaniards… as well as male and female names by theme, related to names of saints, mythological gods, flowers, stars, royalty, Christmas, values, nature, etc.

A Complete Guide to Names for Boys and Girls

Name guide for your baby offers you a complete guide to popular and traditional names, famous names, favorite saint names, rare and original names, and many others. After all, the name you will give your baby will be the first and great gift you will give him. Therefore, you have to be a unique, meaningful, loved and unforgettable name.

We are sure that fathers, mothers and pregnant women, will find in our Dictionary of names for babies, boys and girls, the perfect name for their baby.

Baby names with their meanings and origins

Do you want to know the origin of your baby’s name? The origin of the names is a very important fact, because it tells us about their history, their tradition, the culture they transmit. Baby names also usually have a meaning, and that is that, in the past, the names came to give more information about who wore it. Thus names were created that meant “brave, beautiful, triumphant, intelligent, courageous, hardworking, noble,…”.

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  • 5 baby names inspired by famous footballers
  • 14 short names for boys and girls
  • Original names of mythological gods for your baby
  • Fashionable boy and girl names
  • Biblical names for boys and girls
  • Royal names for boys and girls
  • Names banned worldwide

If apart from the origin and meaning of the name, you want to relate it to other data such as names of flowers, royalty, names of famous footballers, Greek gods, values such as love, natural phenomena, etc., follow these lists:

If you do not want a random girl or boy name, but you are looking for names with origin and meaning, we suggest you use our baby name finder.

Baby Name Finder

5 baby names inspired by famous footballers

Today’s most famous people are a great source of inspiration for parents when choosing the baby’s name. The names of footballers admired by parents, for example, have been used as names of countless children throughout history. If you want a famous footballer name for your child, we have a huge list, of which we offer you some names:

  1. Andrew
    It is the name of one of Spain’s most famous players, Andrés Iniesta. Adored by many, his name has inspired many parents to name their baby. The name Andrew is of Greek origin and means ‘brave man’. A name that never goes out of style.
  2. Christian
    Name of Latin origin with a meaning relative to ‘Christ’. It has become popular thanks to the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.
  3. Gerard
    He is a Catalan name like this football player himself. Its name comes from Gerard, of Germanic origin. Ger means ‘spear’, and Hard means ‘strong’, so Gerard means ‘strong warrior’.
  4. Lionel or Leo
    The name of this Argentine star is of Latin origin and means ‘lion’. He is one of the most popular and admired footballers in the world. Many know him as Leo, although his real name is Lionel.
  5. Neymar
    The renowned Brazilian footballer Neymar has inspired many parents who adopted this name for their babies. Neymar is a name of Latin origin that means ‘coming from the sea’.

14 short names for boys and girls

If you want your baby’s name to be a short name and at the same time beautiful and original, we have made a selection of short names for boys as well as short names for girls, ideal for your baby. One of those short, short, simple names may be the name you’re looking for for the baby that’s about to be born.

  1. Anna
    This name of Hebrew origin and coming from the biblical tradition is another of those traditional names, with energy and character, that never go out of style. The name Hannah comes from the Hebrew word ‘hannah’, which means ‘merciful’, ‘blessed by God’. Anne was the mother of the Virgin Mary.
  2. Enzo
    This name has a curious origin. The name Enzo is the Italian version of the German name Heinz which in turn is the diminutive of Heinrich. It is, therefore, a name with history that will bring a great personality to your child.
  3. Eric
    This name is of Scandinavian origin and has a meaning that speaks of eternal power. The name Eric is short, simple and very sophisticated that is gaining popularity until it becomes a frequent name. Despite having a long tradition, Eric is still regarded as a modern name.
  4. Eve
    This name of Hebrew origin has been transmitted to us through the biblical accounts in the image of the first woman. Its popularity remains unchanged and alien to fashions and trends, probably because of the energy it transmits. The name Eve has a nice meaning: ‘she who gives life’ or ‘source of life’.
  5. Hugo
    It is one of the most attractive short names for children for its simplicity and sonority. Its Germanic origin speaks of intelligence and radiance, and its simplicity only increases the personality of this name that is fully current. The name Hugh celebrates its saint on April 1.
  6. Ivan
    It is a traditional name, although modern. It is a name of Russian origin and a variant of the name John. The name Ivan brings distinction and elegance, and a very personal touch, perfect for your baby.
  7. Juan
    This is one of the most popular, traditional, familiar names, and it never goes out of style. In addition, it supports many combinations such as Juan Carlos, Juan Jose, among others. The name John is of Hebrew origin and means ‘the faithful to God’.
  8. Lara
    It is a short and delicate name for a girl, which inspires peace and tranquility. The name Lara is of Latin origin and comes from Roman mythology where the Lares gods were the protectors of the home. Lara is a name with a pleasant sound and one of the most beautiful for girls.
  9. Leo
    At first this name was a diminutive, but over time it has become a name with its own entity. It is of Latin origin and although its popularity is growing it is because it is the name that Penelope Cruz chose for her child. Also because one of the best football players of recent years also bears this short name: Leo Messi.
  10. Light
    It is a name of Latin origin, as bright and radiant as its own. Luz is a simple name that brings a delicate and elegant touch, so personal that it remains oblivious to trends.
  11. Sea
    It is a feminine name of Italian origin that means ‘the lady of the sea’. This name that is already very popular in Spain, used to be accompanied by the name Maria, but it is already used alone.
  12. Nora
    It is known that this name has Greek origin and that it comes from names such as Honoria and Eleonora. The result is a short name for girl, sophisticated, original and elegant.
  13. Raul
    Of Germanic origin, the name Raúl arrives loaded with great personality and strength. That’s because it means ‘the brave counselor’ or ‘the wolf counselor’. Famous people who have this name: soccer player Raul Gonzalez, actor Raul Julia, or basketball player Raul Lopez.
  14. Sara
    Name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘princess’. It belongs to that group of names of biblical characters that are always fashionable and that do not lose freshness with the passage of time.

Original names of mythological gods for your baby

The names of heroes, gods or mythological characters come loaded with a special strength and energy. If those names, boys and girls, are within your discretion to choose your baby’s name, this list may include the desired name.

  1. Hector
    Name of Greek origin meaning ‘to have’, ‘to possess’ or ‘possessor’.
  2. Helena
    As its own name of Greek origin says, the name Helena or Elena means ‘light’, ‘shining’, ‘bright’.
  3. Isis
    Names of Greek origin meaning ‘Egyptian goddess’.
  4. Penelope
    Mixed name of Greek origin meaning ‘she who weaves good fabrics’ or ‘brown woman’.
  5. Ulysses
    Name of Latin origin meaning ‘way’.
  6. Zeus
    Name of Greek origin meaning ‘god’.

Fashionable boy and girl names

The year in which your baby is going to be born and the trends of the names that are fashionable also interest many parents when choosing a name for their baby.

Here are some names of boys who are born in 2021, but also some names of girls who are being very popular in this year of 2021.

  1. Dawn
    Name of Latin origin meaning ‘dawn’, ‘white’.
  2. Alejandro
    Name of Greek origin meaning ‘protective man’, ‘the great savior’. The name Alejandro has as most popular diminutives: Ale, Álex, Jandro, Sandro
  3. Alvaro
    Name of Germanic origin meaning ‘protection’ and ‘defense’.
  4. Anna
    Name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘full of grace and compassion’.
  5. Emma
    It is a short and delicate name for girls, which means ‘the one who is strong’. Celebrities with this name: actresses Emma Watson, Emma Stone and Emma Thompson.
  6. Lucas
    This name is related to tranquility, kindness and wisdom. Luke is a name of Greco-Latin origin and means ‘he who is above all races’.
  7. Lucia
    Name of Latin origin meaning ‘she who carries the light’.
  8. Manuel
    Name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘he who is among us’.
  9. Mariana
    The union of the name Mary with Anne has resulted in a feminine, delicate and simple name. The name Mariana is of Hebrew origin and means ‘the chosen one’ (for Mary), and ‘full of grace’ (for Anna).
  10. Martin
    It is a name of Latin origin that is related to ‘warrior’, ‘strength’ and ‘honor’. Maybe because it comes from the god Mars.

Biblical names for boys and girls

Check out our guide to biblical character names for newborn babies, for boys and girls. These are popular names, some better known than others, which are backed by tradition. Here are a few:

  1. Bernardo
    It is a name for children of Germanic origin that means ‘warrior’, ‘battler’, ‘brave as a bear’. Bernard is said in Catalan and French, and Barnad in English.
  2. Esther
    Name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘star’. Esther was a beautiful Jewish maiden who, being an orphan and adopted daughter of her cousin Mordecai, became the queen of Persia and Media.
  3. Gabriel
    Name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘strength of God’ and ‘power of God’. Gabriel is the name of the archangel messenger who announces to the Virgin the conception of Jesus.
  4. Isabel
    It is a biblical name for girl that means ‘promise of God’ or ‘oath of God’. He is also known by the variant Isabella, as the actress Isabella Rosellini. Celebrities who bear this name: the writer Isabel Allende, and the Spanish singer Isabel Pantoja.
  5. Jorge
    George is a name that became very popular thanks to the legend of St. George. The name Jorge is a boy’s name meaning ‘The Gardener Man’. It is of Greek origin and currently, it is a name preferred by parents.
  6. Lucia
    It is a name of Latin origin that means ‘she who carries the light’. It is a very popular name, beautiful and with a beautiful sonority. It is also said that Lucia is usually of a very hardworking, warrior and perfectionist nature. His holy day is celebrated on December 13.
  7. Marten
    Name of Aramaic origin meaning ‘lady’. In the Bible, Martha was a native of Bethany and was the sister of Lazarus and Mary.
  8. Moses
    He is the father of the Bible and is regarded as a prophet and leader of the Hebrews. According to the Bible, Moses led the Jews out of Egypt and received the Torah from God’s hands at Mount Sinai. Moses is a name of Egyptian origin, meaning ‘saved from the waters’.
  9. Raquel
    Name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘sheep’. In the Bible, Rachel was the wife of her cousin Jacob. She was also the mother of the patriarch Joseph and Benjamin.
  10. Samuel
    Name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘to whom God listens’. Samuel was the successor of Moses and the last prophet of the judges, so he was a very important character in the Bible.

Names of kings and queens for boys and girls

Guillermo, Arturo, Leticia… All these names have something in common: they are names of kings, queens, princes, counts, marchionesses… that can inspire you when choosing the name for your newborn baby. Here are a few:

  1. Alberto
    Name of Germanic origin meaning ‘nobility’.
  2. Enrique
    Name of Germanic origin meaning ‘lord of his house’.
  3. Philip
    Name of Greek origin meaning ‘lover of horses’.
  4. Isabel
    Name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘oath of God’, ‘promise of God’.
  5. Leticia
    Name of Latin origin meaning ‘joy’, ‘happiness’.
  6. Daisy
    Name of Greek origin meaning ‘she who is beautiful as a pearl’.

Forbidden names for babies in the world

List of baby names that cannot be put in some countries of the world. In many countries such as Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and others, some names and combinations are prohibited when registering the newborn baby in the Civil Registry.

5 decisions before choosing the baby’s name

Deciding the name for the baby is not an easy task, since the baby will carry it forever, it will bring personality and entity. Before choosing it, we give you 5 important tips:

1 – Meaning of names Look for it to discard names with strange or offensive meanings, keep in mind that there are names
that mean “angry”, “demon” or “ugly”.

2 – What is the surname
Sometimes you can form formulas as funny as Elsa Capunta, Débora Melo or Pere Gil. So be very careful with the combination of the name with the surname.

3 – Inherited
Sometimes we put the baby the name of a very dear relative already deceased as a tribute but, every time we name it, nostalgia invades us.

4 – Pronunciation of the name
There are names that are very difficult to pronounce for some people, for example, it is very common for Gabriela to be called Grabiela.

5 – Follow your tastes
There are many who throw themselves to comment on the name, if your mother or your mother-in-law try to convince you to call the baby Domenico but you like Pedro, stay firm in your decision.

Tips for choosing the best name for my baby

If you have several names on the table and you do not decide, if you can not agree with your partner or do not think of any baby names that you like, take a look at these tips of to choose the most appropriate name for your child.

The top names for boys and girls that are trending

If you are wondering what are the most popular names for boys and girls, those that are trending and are the most frequent. In we show you a list that includes the 5 girl names and the 5 boy names that parents like the most in recent years. What’s your favorite name?

Hugo: means ‘intelligent’ or ‘lucid’

Manuel. name for children of Hebrew origin that means ‘God accompanies us’.

Antonio: of Etruscan origin and means ‘the one who faces his adversaries’.

Francisco: comes from the Italian Francesco which means ‘French’.

Eduardo: its meaning is ‘the guardian of wealth’.

Lucia: means ‘she who carries the light’.

Martina: has Latin origin and its means ‘consecrated to Mars’.

Mary: Her origin is Hebrew, and it means ‘the chosen one’.

Paula: It comes from paulus, which means ‘small, weak’.

Carla: is a name for girls of German origin and means ‘strong, courageous.’

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