Winfun early childhood toys, growing together.

The universe of toys. Complex, right? Right now there are countless games and toys for all kinds of needs and tastes. Toys to learn, to empathize, to enhance skills, to help in development and to have fun.
Play is a crucial part of a child’s development, and toys are a means to achieve social, creative, speech and even character skills, especially when it comes to early childhood toys, their first toys.

Madresfera has just launched one of its Quality Seals through which some blogs can test products in first person and give our opinion.
On this occasion we have been lucky enough to know Winfun’s early childhood toys, divided into four stages according to age, we have had stage 4 (18-36 months) since Dani is 2 years old and was perfect for him.

Early childhood toys.

The game is as old as man, because it is a basic action of man since he is a child and also a very important part for development. Whether symbolic or imitation play, or games with materials and toys, who has never played?
Today I want to talk about early childhood toys, taking advantage of the fact that it is the central theme when trying a series of Winfun toys.

Generally, it is known as early childhood game or toy to those that are intended for babies from 0 to 3 years. They are mostly sensory toys, which seek to stimulate the senses and skills in that stage of continuous learning and growth.

Winfun divides its early childhood toys into 4 stages based on the skills and needs of the babies and in turn they are distinguished by colors both on the label and on the packaging to have clear the recommended age:



In the stage of 18-36 months that is in which we are now with my nephew Dani, or mini Dani as I call him, it is that age of curiosity, of wanting to do everything alone, of looking for other children or adults to play with them and also of wanting to command in everything :D.

We tested 4 Winfun toys 18-36 months.

The exclusive distributor of the Winfun brand both in Spain and Portugal is Colorbaby, and they have been in charge of sending us the four toys that touched us in the Madresfera Quality Seal to test and tell our experience.
We got 4 toys and we gave them little by little to see their reaction to each one, because if you give everything at once you can stun and not be so accurate opinion.

Corridors with lights, sounds and Safari tabs.


This was the first toy we gave him and it immediately caught his attention to climb on it. Then he discovered that the ignition key could be turned and that inside he hid a series of plastic chips that placed on the front, a voice tells you what it is.

The corridor is a good ally when it comes to correcting posture when walking, strengthening arm and leg muscles and improving balance. To that we must add that it includes a series of activities with sounds that inevitably attracts them. Dani’s favorite part is starting the engine with the key and storing all the interactive chips under the seat.
He is still not too attracted to placing them in the slot so that letter by letter the voice tells him what animal it is, but soon it will catch his attention.



In addition to improving gross motor skills, it can help them become familiar with the letters and words of animals. Includes 14 double tiles, starter key and compass + removable walkie-talkie. The handlebar is adjustable although we get off when we raise it, perhaps we have not discovered the trick to keep it still.

Tool truck with light and sounds.


This portable size truck has a lot of potential, do not be fooled by its size. From the first moment Dani liked to take the tools and use them in the toy itself.
It includes three removable tools that interact with the toy itself (hammer, saw and screwdriver) and that is the favorite part of Dani, who entertains himself trying to fix everything.

Each tool carries its characteristic sound when used on the truck, and also has other game modes with melodies and lights. It also has a story included in the center, with scenes where things have to be fixed and invites them to do so. It’s great for fine motor skills, imagination and symbolic play.
It has a practical handle to take it wherever they want and is the favorite of the park.

Educational tablet.


Of the four toys tested this has been the only one that has not caught his attention enough and we have decided to save it to give it later and I have been the one who has given him a look to be able to tell you how it is.
It has three different game modes: Learning, “Find It” and melodies. When it is used, it speaks to us or indicates what we have to do and reviews the letters of the alphabet, the numbers and the animals drawn on its front.

Pressing the question mark button will throw them a question so that they can find a letter, a number or an animal. When they have seen it, they must press this button to confirm that they have succeeded.
It is full of light, sound and melodies and the recommendation is from 24 months, which are just those that Dani has just met, so we will give him time to take a liking to him.

Tent with accessories.


The star toy, the camping tent we gave it last and it was a total success with him, with Noah and with the children of the park.
The store is one of those that are mounted on a plis and stored with a turn of hands, very useful and easy to assemble and disassemble and also to transport, although I miss a cloth bag where to store it and that does not open.

It has many accessories such as a bonfire with axe and even flame. The logs are separated with the axe, as if they were being cut. Includes casserole and food for a perfect day of camping.
And highlight another success that has “stolen” Noah to the store temporarily, the lamp-projector.

A lantern-shaped lamp with two modes of activity: with and without songs. It has 3 lighting modes: side projection, projection on the ceiling and lamp mode with flame that turns off by itself after a while.
As a fear-remover and night lamp it is wonderful, and the projections look great on ceilings and walls.

The store develops imagination, encourages play with other children if used outdoors (I recommend it) and offers the little ones a perfect hiding place or shelter at home.
It is medium-sized, ideal for small children although it falls short with children like Noah, but of course… It’s been 8 years old.
I love using it to create a camping trip in the park or at home, especially when there is no light to make the lamp and its projections look good.



All the Winfun early childhood toys mentioned and many more can be found in their official Colorbaby distributor or in their Amazon store.

Of the 4 that we have been able to try, perhaps the one that still sees its use as distant is the tablet, because the little one is not as interested in learning letters and numbers as in carrying and bringing the other games and trying to assemble and disarm them a thousand times, he likes the manipulative and social game more.
Even so, I do not deny that it is very complete and useful to familiarize yourself with letters and numbers, but perhaps something later when winter returns and we play at home.

All games look robust and with good finishes for children: no corners, no very small parts, easy to grip, light, blunt and bright colors.
Its design is based on the CPS Parenting System concept (Cognitive, physical and social) that helps us distinguish the abilities they can develop with each of their toys.

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