Little Secret: discover the intruder and don’t get caught if it’s you.

The creators of the famous game Guatafc and all its variants have rolled the blanket to the head and have created Little Secret, a wonderful game for all audiences that creates a brutal addiction. A victim tells you.

But let’s go in parts, as Jack the Ripper would say. What is Little secret?

Surely many, especially if you have children, have heard of Among us, a game that caused a furor where there are a number of players and one of them is a traitor, an intruder. That intruder tries to sabotage others by all means so that they do not achieve their goal, at the same time that he disguises so as not to be discovered.
Well, Little secret has some similarities in terms of the background of the game: there is an intruder in the group and you have to find out.

But just as it has some similarities with the video game, it also has differences: neutral characters, cards with extra difficulties and the particularity that the intruder does not know that he is. Or at least not immediately.

Game content and basic rules:

Little Secret game

Little secret.

🔎 It is an intuitive board game of imagination and association of words and secret code.
🕵️ The goal of the board game: to discover the infiltrators and the journalist within the Secret Organization.
🍹 3-9 PLAYERS, 20 min of play.
👩‍👧‍👦+ 9 years.
🎭 170 letters, 300 words and 17 missions.
♻️ Letters made in Europe & ECOFRIENDLY

The game is presented in missions with city name, real or fantastic. In each mission there are 3 letters from intruders, 5 letters from disciples, 1 letter of secret words from disciples and 1 letter from a journalist.

You must prepare the game before starting so as not to waste time, depending on the number of players you are.
For example, for 5 players you must leave the letter of secret words (that is always left) 1 journalist, 1 infiltrator and 3 disciples.

More players, more intruders or journalists, and with fewer players, you play only with an intruder and the rest disciples.

• Once the missions are prepared with the necessary cards, the card of secret words is left face down on the table and the rest are dealt without looking at each player. Let no one see the letter of others or the letter.

No one knows in principle whether he is an intruder or a disciple, only the journalist knows that he is. The secret word card has 10 numbered words and the rest of the players have those same words (disciples) or very similar, but slightly different words (intruders). The journalist has no words.

• A random player will say a number and start playing with the word that has that number, then one by one and without an established order, you will say words that are related to the one you have touched.

The journalist has no word, so he has to improvise and disguise so as not to be caught. You will have to say a word based on what you hear others say.

• When everyone has said a word, it will be decided who we think the intruder is, and we all at once point to the person we suspect (there may be several suspects if we do not all agree).

• The “suspect” will look at the letter of secret words, if it is the same color as his, was not the intruder and the departure continues but without him. If it is another color, he was the intruder and the round is over, unless there is more than one intruder in the game.
If the suspect is the journalist, he can try to guess the word of the disciples before seeing the secret word letter. If you guess, add 3 points and the round ends.

The round comes to an end when the intruder (or intruders if the game is large and there are more) has already been discovered or when it has not been discovered and there are only two players left.

The disciples win if they discover the intruder, then they take 1 point each. If it is not discovered, the intruder will have won and takes 2 points.

The game ends when a player gets 5 points.

Example of departure:

Suppose someone says the number 3 and the word he has touched is “motorcycle” for some and “bicycle” for others.
Players will say things like: engine, wheel, handlebars, vehicle…
Obviously, “motor” is associated with bicycle, but not with “motorcycle”, hence you can try to discover who the intruder is through the words we all say.

When everyone has said a word, it is decided who the intruder is, and now let’s say that the person we point to, was not.
In that case, the round continues and another number is said to continue with another word of the same cards, so until you find the intruder or that there are only 2 players left.

As you can imagine, there comes a time when, depending on the words everyone says, a player may suspect that he has had to be an intruder. In that case it is time to disguise so as not to be discovered and blame others.

There is a game variant with 9 extra cards that you can use optionally. They are “power” cards and grant a power to each player. For example, having their vote count x2, eliminating a player when you are eliminated, or the power to tie if there is a tie in the dispute.

You can watch the RRSS of Little secret because there are many videos of real games for you to see how it goes, but I tell you that it seems more complicated than it really is. The mechanics are caught on the fly and you will soon be experts.

Little secret, the best game of 2022

And it’s not that I say it, that too. The game is the winner of the 2022 Game Grand Prize in the “lantern games” category.

I admit that the first games we played a little crazy because I was not very clear about how it was (I had to be an intruder and I gave myself away) because I am lazy and I did not want to see the explanatory video or read the instructions well. If you’re not like me, you’ll catch it in one round.

The game is completely addictive and ultra-fun, really, we do not stop playing with friends and we had a tremendous laugh.
The more players, the more fun it becomes and the more chaos is generated.

The only thing I miss is a bag to put the cards and take them anywhere, because the box takes a lot to get it out of the house and we like to take the games outdoors on our excursions.
I have managed a bag that I had at home, but it would be great if they included one in the pack.

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