The Stinky Dog returns.

We could say that Stinky Dog needs no introduction. The collection created by Colas Gutman and Marc Boutavant has several books and 600,000 copies sold in France and has been translated into several languages and even turned into a children’s series for the Panda Channel.

Stinky dog was born in a garbage dump, where he lives with his friend Gato Chacho. He is dirty and smelly and people avoid him, but he is pure optimism and joy and decides every day a new purpose in life, such as seeking the affection of a human, going on vacation or changing his life.

In each chapter, a new adventure awaits him where he shows us that this thin and disheveled dog is all kindness and heart.
His clumsiness leads him to get into trouble continuously, but he faces everything decisively to achieve his purposes.

Without a doubt, it is an example of justice and generosity with each new volume. A way to teach children not to judge by appearances, because even the most fleeful dog can be the most faithful friend.

It’s a real shame, but sometimes even best friends fight. Stinky Dog and Cat argue a bad day, and decide to go their own way. You’re sure to find new friends with whom you have everything in common! But they still do not know that as far as friendship is concerned, sincere affection and moments together are worth more than having the same hobbies …

What if his new friends insist on confronting our beloved protagonists? Will they manage to overcome the absurd rivalries and reconcile?

Stinky dog and his gang.

In this installment Stinky Dog moves away from Chato cat because he thinks he needs a doggy friend. And that’s how he finds a “gang” to be a part of, even though they may not be what he expected.

His new gang hates cats and they will never accept him if they know he is friends with one, and so he lets his friend know that he will now be an ex-friend because, obviously, he has been angry with him at his statements.

And that’s how these two who have been together all their lives, end up separated and angry.
Will they be friends again?, Will the eternal war of dogs and cats end?.

The Stinky Dog books belong to the Blackie Little Bones collection and are indicated for boys and girls from 6-7 years old.
Despite its more than 100 pages per volume, it is a very enjoyable read for children and is easily read. It contains illustrations on all its pages, which helps to associate the text with the story for the little ones and distracts the older ones who get tired soon of reading.

Maybe to us they may seem strange or meaningless stories, but the little ones love the adventures of Stinky Dog that always come with a moral and something to learn.
The protagonist has very bad luck and makes bad decisions, which leads him to get into trouble and meet cruel people continuously, but there is always a solution and a happy ending.

Sometimes it contains traces of current issues a little crude and some black humor, it is convenient to let the kids know that we will be there to explain anything they do not understand or clarify some plots and concepts. I clarify this because although my son is 10 years old and understands everything perfectly, for a younger one it may be somewhat confusing at times.

Marc Boutavant’s illustrations are wonderful and give humanity to the characters with every detail or every gesture.
And finally highlight the binding of Blackie Little, all its collection Huesitos is a delight with that comfortable format and adapted to the smallest hands and at the same time with hard covers well resistant to a thousand and one readings.

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