Build, play and enjoy.

What child doesn’t like a good construction toy? With them they have twice as much fun: while they put them together and when they can play with what they build.

Noah also when he later disassembles them and puts pieces from other sets together to create others… Then I spend hours separating pieces when he wants to put them back together as they were in the beginning. I hope our new Pokémon Charizard will last a long time armed.

The truth is that this type of toy has many benefits in children and that is why they are so recommended:

• They adapt to the ages of the children having different types of blocks. We started using the classic Mega Bloks when Noah was a baby, and Mega Construx now that he’s older.

• Learn concepts and improve fine motor skills. The blocks have different sizes and colors, which makes them acquire concepts such as colors, dimensions, sizes, awareness of space, etc. Needless to say, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination are fully developed during the game.

• Imagination, patience and concentration. Those of us who have had blocks of this type at home know how much they serve to keep the kids focused on something, either building freely or following instructions. In addition, they improve their patience and let their imagination fly when creating new figures and constructions.

But best of all, this type of game is undoubtedly a lot of fun and entertains them a lot (sometimes for hours).

Pokémon Charizard

We want to show you our latest acquisition in construction games: Pokémon Charizard from Mattel Mega Construx. In this box you will find everything you need and more, to assemble a Charizard figure of more than 10cm.

Unlike another similar type of game, in this one the bags numbered in order do not come, so it is time to be looking for the pieces in all of them and expand the challenge while exercising our sight.

My advice is that you spread them on a large surface without mixing sachets, because although they are not numbered, they are grouped by type of piece.

The instructions are very clear, at all times it shows us the next step, both with an information box of the pieces that are added, and with a color highlight in the sketch to check where they go exactly.


Our Pokémon Charizard has 222 pieces and has been assembled by the little one (10 years old) in approximately 30 minutes.
The pieces not only fit perfectly, they are also quite tight, thus preventing them from falling or loosening when manipulating the figure. Something to be thankful for because many of our figures and constructions of this type end up disassembled during the game when losing pieces.

As a detail mention that the wings of the dragon are silicone or rubber very malleable and flexible and with color inside to give it more realism. The figure of Charizard is very articulated in the arms, legs, tail and neck and can adopt different positions to the delight of the young. Includes accessories to put or remove fire from the mouth.


Mattel Mega Construx.

The Mega Construx line is designed for children who are already small Mega Bloks and want to go further.
And although the sets are designed to create certain figures or scenarios in particular, their pieces are fully compatible with any other set to be able to join them and that there are no limits when creating new constructions that the most imaginative can think of.

In addition to having up to 25 different sets of Pokémon, they also have other themes that children like such as Hot Wheels, Barbie or Masters of the Universe among others.

The variety of these sets is enormous, we can choose figures easy and quick to assemble or dare with the great constructions such as the 3508 pieces of the Grayskull Castle of Masters of the Universe or the 1347 of the expedition to the jungle of Pokemon.


There is no doubt that it is a toy very chosen by children, with the plus that precisely Pokémon is tremendously popular and known and of that range they have many sets in the catalog. Who wouldn’t want to collect each and every one of his figures?

The ideal gift for a birthday, Christmas, communions or any other occasion and that can also be shared to put it together with the help of a brother, friend or dad and mom. Fun is guaranteed with Mattel’s Mega Construx.

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