Lightweight and sturdy stroller for babies and large children.

When we talk about the childcare products that families use the most, possibly the light stroller is one of those that top the list. I would dare to say that 95% of moms and dads have resorted to them in their children’s childhood.

They are comfortable, useful, compact and low priced. If you opt for one of them with a carrycot that can be attached, they are a good substitute for the traditional stroller, more expensive and heavy.
Even many of the families who decide to carry and not use baby strollers opt for the stroller as they grow up to use on trips, on the way to nursery school or in any other situation where prolonged carrying by the weight of children is already unsustainable.

In my case with Noah I can say that it was possibly the most used object by far. Almost 5 years using it and not because the child was lazy, the last two years we used it on vacations, trips, amusement or natural parks and in situations where we knew we spent all day away from home and that we were going to need it.

That is why one of the strengths that I look for in chairs of this type is that they are light and robust at the same time, to be able to carry large children and without problems to withstand prolonged use.

What do I look for in a stroller?

💪 Wide and robust. Noah was fond of taking naps in the chair, never consenting to sleep elsewhere. For that reason I got used to having a light and wide stroller where I had no space problems either sitting or comfortably lying.

🛻 Off-road. We use the chair on unpaved ground, meadow and asphalt indistinctly. I do not like off-road chairs that have giant wheels and are very large, I prefer chairs that, without having the off-road label, are. For this I look at having only one wheel per rail, which is medium size, made of rubber, with suspension and great resistance.

💰 Price. A lightweight stroller is not a stroller, obviously I don’t want to spend the same on both. My limit on chairs is € 200 and I do not usually look at those that are too cheap, it usually indicates that they will not be very resistant.

📏 High seat and single-lever handlebar. I don’t like chairs with a very low seat because it costs more to push them (through the center of gravity) and the sacks rub against the wheels. I prefer high chairs with single-lever handlebars.

🖐 Compact and simple folding. I don’t think any parent wants a chair that takes up a lot of space or costs to fold, that’s obvious. In my case, I always look for chairs that I can fold with one hand, since I usually always move alone.

I will not deny that in 10 years since I became a mother I have tried several chairs and I am very clear about my preferences, needs and favorites. The last one I was able to try to see if it was what I wanted was the Hamilton by Yoop S1 Plus light stroller. A chair of less than € 200 with many features.


The first thing that strikes us is that the chair is visually very beautiful. It has fine lines, just the right elements not to get in the way and a very simple design that for my taste give it a 10 in aesthetics. I don’t like chairs overloaded with expendable stuff that only add weight and visual noise.

The handlebar handle is soft foam, comfortable to handle the chair with one or two hands without rubbing us.
The front safety bar can be left on or removed as needed.


The hood is not very large unlike its older sister, the Yoop X1 plus that does have an extendable hood. Anyway, the size is optimal and carries SPF 30 protection.

The harness is padded and comfortable, as well as adjustable at different points both at the top and in the seat, to fit children of any age without being large or small.

Also the backrest is adjustable in 3 positions and the footrest is adjustable independently of the backrest, something I love, since I do not like tilting chairs.

Strengths of the Hamilton by Yoop S1 plus stroller.

✔ Fast and automatic folding. The Hamilton chair has a wonderful folding system in which nothing more is needed than to remove the folding lock located on the handlebars. Once this is done, we push the handlebars forward and she folds down. I have to say that I discovered this a week after using it when I saw by chance a video of the brand.

✔ Compact size and valid as airline luggage. The measures of this folded chair are 57 x 48 x 26 cm and open 105 x 48 x 64 cm. It is a really compact chair, both folded and open and weighing 7.5 kg that, thanks to its handling and its carrying handle, make it handle perfectly.

✔ Seat width and chair height. The seat is really comfortable for children with good padding and plenty of space. It includes an adjustable 5-point harness on the seat and back to adapt it to the size of the babies / children.
The 105 cm height of the chair makes it ideal for tall parents and to handle it comfortably.


✔ Lightness and robustness. Its anodized aluminum chassis gets the whole to stay at 7.5 kg, which is a good weight for a lightweight stroller. But at the same time, it is a very robust and resistant chair. Noah has climbed on it with his 30 kg of weight to do some tests and not only has resisted but I have handled it well with him on both asphalt and rural roads.

✔ Seat convertible into stroller and valid up to 22 kg. Thanks to its optional carrycot, we can turn the chair into a stroller for use in the first 6 months of our babies’ lives. It also has Group 0.
Although it is a complement that is purchased separately, the set is still below the prices in the market of any other baby stroller and has the advantage that being a stroller, we will no longer have to change it in the 6-12 months after.


✔ It handles well on asphalt and in the field. We live in the rural world, so we have been able to test the chair well in all types of terrain: asphalt, dirt road and meadow. In all three she has defended wonderfully well without getting stuck and undamaged.

Hamilton by Yoop S1 Plus.

7.5 kg lightweight chassis.From 6 months to 4 years (22kg)
Travel size.

Fast and compact folding.
Wide and adjustable seat.
Height of 102 cm.Convertible into stroller with carrycot.

Field test of this lightweight stroller.

We have been testing the Hamilton by Yoop lightweight stroller for 10 days before making this recommendation so that we can see all its strengths as well as the weak ones.
For example, I have to highlight the folding system that I think is wonderful that it is automatic, but at the time of opening it I have not yet caught the point and I have to use a foot to fix it, because only with one hand I do not manage.
You would need a video that explains it, as they have done with the folding in their instagram account. Anyway, it is not a very negative point, just an observation. The chair opens simply as well.


When it comes to rolling it, which is what interests us, it is a very manageable chair and its lightness is noticeable. I have tried it with a 14-month-old baby and I have also made Noah climb with 30kg to see how it would be to push it with larger children.

On asphalt it behaves phenomenally, they were able to guide it with one hand thanks to its single-lever handlebars and its ease of pushing it.


In rural terrain such as roads or meadow it is also handled optimally, although on uneven ground or slopes we must use both hands, something logical.
It does not get stuck on the roads and the wheels seem to withstand rattle, weight and stones well.

The folded size of the chair is valid as cabin baggage on airplanes and the chair includes a dust cover very useful for traveling or storing it.

Without a doubt, the Hamilton Yoop S1 is a lightweight stroller, worthy of recommendation and that lives up to your expectations.
As points to improve, I would ask you to include some instructions in Spanish in the box, that although the chair has no mystery, the automatic folding system goes unnoticed if you do not look closely. I spent a week forcing the folding until I saw that I was doing it alone.

Although it is approved for 22 kg I have done tests with a child of 30 kg and it has passed with a high note, it shows that it is a really robust and well-manufactured chair that does not deform or yield to weight or on uneven terrain.

Do we value it?

Our grade is 5 out of 5 because I don’t really see anything that needs to be improved. Its maneuverability is perfect, the resistance too, the size is optimal both open and closed and the weight is adequate, with the extra point that it carries an included carrying strap and the dust cover.

The Hamilton by Yoop S1 plus chair costs less than € 200 and is at the height of the most coveted chairs on the market. I would even dare to say that it surpasses some and only by the mere fact of the automatic folding and the height of the seat that facilitates its push and adds comfort for children.

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