Dragons are the worst!

I could not say if the book I show you today is an illustrated album or a plea against dragons by a frustrated and envious goblin. The truth is that, even if it is, it is impossible not to feel understanding for him and understand his anger against dragons.

Since they arrived they have been robbed of all the limelight and are the main cause of fear of the people. Many years ago, it was the elves who provoked those fears, that admiration and respect.

Join us in this fun story for children where we will discover that dragons are the worst, without any doubt.

Obviously, there is no creature more terrifying than a goblin, what happens is that dragons are overrated… Since when do people flee from dragons and not goblins? It is incomprehensible and unacceptable.


Our protagonist goblin does not understand that fame that dragons have, dragons are the worst! And they are taking the spotlight away from those of their kind.

They who have a thousand virtues and reasons to scare everyone, who know spells and magic, the best scary costumes… relegated to the background by a simple dragon.


Someday the whole kingdom will realize that the truly terrifying ones are the goblins and they will finally be valued as they deserve. After all, this goblin is able to scare away an entire battalion of knights…


Well, okay, he had fallen dragon poop on him and he was stinky, but in the end he chased them away and saved the dragons from being hunted.

The truth is that if goblins did not exist, dragons would have already become extinct.


Title: Dragons are the worst!
Texts: Alex Willan Illustrations: Alex Willan

Publisher: PICARONA.
ISBN: 978-84-9145-593-6
Details: 32 pp, 21 x 27 cm

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Alex Willan returns to the charge.

After the success of Unicorns are the worst!, where the elves complained about the annoying and lazy unicorns, now comes the second part. The album “Dragons are the worst!”, shows us the harsh reality of dragons: that they are nothing without the elves and the fear they provoke is completely overrated.

The goblin explains, with overwhelming logic, why we should not fear dragons but goblins. So much so, that it has convinced me.
Luckily the twist of the story in the end gives the goblin the place it deserves.

The album is a delight in every way: it has humor, a story rarely seen and illustrations full of color and details. Little dragon lovers will love it, even if these are fatal for the benefit of the goblin.

It is certainly perfect for the little ones between 3 and 7 years old who know how to appreciate the value of a good goblin against a useless dragon.

About the author:

Alex Willan has always had a sketchbook in hand. He earned a BFA in illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design. He has exhibited in several art galleries and has painted murals, theater sets, among other things. Her great love has always been children’s books.

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