Hobbies for children to exercise their mind.

Who hasn’t ever done a hobby? Whether in the pages of a newspaper, in a booklet of the kiosk or in any other format, hobbies are very popular and have many benefits, especially with older people. They serve to keep the mind in shape, improve memory and endless mental skills.

Hobbies for children are not far behind, in the short and long term their benefits are undeniable and it is a way to learn and review knowledge through play.
That’s why Blackie Little has launched its activity notebook for children, following the success of the adult notebooks they have been editing for 11 years.

What are the benefits of doing this type of activity?


As an amateur to perform almost daily sudokus, logic hobbies and various mind games, I can say that this type of activities are recommended for everyone, at any age.
They allow us to exercise the mind and prevent cognitive decline and dementia, as our brain works much better the more it is used.

“The brain is a paradoxical highway. The more cars pass on a road, the more the asphalt wears away; however, with the brain the opposite happens, and that is that the more it is used, the more it is activated” José Antonio Portellano (neuropsychologist).

• For children they also have the quality of being able to be used to learn about what surrounds them: nature, astronomy, countries and capitals, curiosities and a long etcetera.

• They also help with fine motor skills and verbal and written skills, as well as improve the development of language proficiency by expanding your vocabulary, improving spelling and reviewing your writing.

• They are a key point in problem solving, since each of the activities is about finding the solution, either in an unfinished drawing, a crossword puzzle or a sudoku.

• As if that were not enough, it also relaxes them, helps them to know how to concentrate better and to focus attention on an activity.

• With hobbies they put aside consoles, mobiles and other screens to play with something as simple as a booklet and a pen.

Therefore, I can not do anything but recommend for our kids the Blackie Kids activity book, which is also very fun:

The first Blackie NOTEBOOK for girls and boys! To have fun learning and exercising the mind.

IN THIS NOTEBOOK:You will escape from labyrinths You will solve riddles
You will learn incredible curiosities about animals
You will test your knowledge of cinema, cartoons and superheroes
will complete crossword puzzles
and anagrams
You will discover amazing things about nature and astronomy
And above all…

You’ll have fun like never before!


Title: Cuaderno Kids
Authors: Yimeisgreat and Daniel López Valle
Publisher: Blackie books.
Subject: hobbies
ISBN: 978-84-19172-13-6
Details: 80 pages, 21.5 x 25.5 cm

Hobby notebook for children by Blackie Little.

The I Kids notebook contains 60 pages of different activities very fun for the little ones. About the recommended age, I would not know how to specify, since I have seen activities that children from 6-7 years old could do and others that may be more appropriate from 8-9.
In any case, activities that they do not know how to do can be left for later.

What are we going to find in the kids notebook of hobbies for children?. Activities and games such as mazes, sudokus, incomplete sentences, drawings to relate, object search, cross words and much more.

They use interesting themes for kids such as cinema, nature or animals and offer it to the kids in the form of colorful hobbies and with great visual detail.

The format is comfortable because although it is a large notebook, it is soft cover and we can take it anywhere.



About the authors:

Daniel López Valle is a journalist, writer, humanist and proto-sage. He has worked in many media, but is best known in his role as a contestant of Saber y Ganar: he is one of the few to have guessed all the questions of the most difficult round, “The Big Minute”.

Yimeisgreat is a cartoonist passionate about cartoons, futuristic stories and space. He lives at the foot of the mountain and has an orange cat named Tornillo.

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