Personalized calls and messages from Santa Claus for your children. Do magic!

I always promise not to start with Christmas publications until December, and I try not to start at home with the preparations… But it is inevitable to do so, especially when there are children.
At the moment I already have the Advent calendars and some new ornaments for the tree, but if you want to see the magic for real, keep reading because it will surprise you.
What would you say if I told you that you can receive personalized calls and messages from Santa for your children? Something that was impossible before, unless you have a good friend willing to play Santa for a while, but now it is possible and from your own mobile in a few steps.

We all handle mobile phones and their applications, and this is one of those that you will love. Go taking note, it is called PNP – Portable North Pole and is available for iOs and Android.

PNP Portable North Pole.

Where do I start to tell you the wonders of this app? It is not an application with generic Christmas messages to put children, it goes further in terms of personalization and the result is amazing.
You can create calls and video calls where Santa mentions the name of the children, where he includes photographs of them that are perfectly integrated into the videos, where they tell them details of their life or day to day so that there is no doubt that it is addressed to them and much more. The customization is total and amazing.

What can we do with this app besides receiving personalized messages from Santa?, How does it work?. I summarize everything that can be done:

• Videos with call options.
• Home delivery of gifts.
• Videos with interactive options.
• Personalized classic videos.
• Birthday greetings.
• Christmas Eve videos with call option.
• Videos also for companies and professionals.
• Reaction recorder.
• Games and activities on the children’s menu.

Magic pass. Access all app content.

If you want to try the app you can make use of a minute and a half video with up to 8 customizations, yes, you will not be able to download it in high definition. So you will immediately want more, because the options are very wide and seeing the face of your children when they discover Santa calling them by name is priceless.

That is why there is the option of the magic pass that has many advantages and costs very little: If your name is not common, you can send it through the app and they will include it (before November 24), you can print a “proof” that the child is on Santa’s list that year, children can use their children’s panel with Christmas games and activities.

With the magic pass you will have access to everything and more for 14.99 per year or 34.99 single payment for 10 years:

• Christmas Eve video with Santa’s call. We can prepare a special custom video for this day and add if we want a live call from Santa Claus.
• Family videos. Santa can say up to 4 names per video or make it generic and address a large group so that the whole family is part of the personalized Santa Claus kitchenware.
• Games and activities on the children’s menu. The kids can access their control panel to play with the dancing elf, perform activities, sing with Mrs. Claus and watch their own videos (which previously we from the parental control have activated in their menu).

• Reaction recorder. Wonderful function to record the reaction of the children at the same time as they visualize the messages.
• Unlimited access to all Premium videos for all your kids. We can use any and all videos and calls in the app, including the 21 Premium video scenarios.
• Interactive videos. Participatory section where kids can choose their own adventure and interact with Santa in his videos.

• Downloads in 1080HD. Download all the videos you make and the reactions of your children to have them forever or send to the family. (Not available in interactive videos and phone calls.)
• Real-time call from Santa Claus. Wonderful option where there are, we can receive a call on another device while the children are selling their video, that makes the magic even bigger.
• Interactive gift tag. Print the app label and put it on your gifts. When they scan it with their mobile, they will see Santa leaving the gifts.

Record reaction to Santa’s personalized messages.

This is perhaps my favorite option since I met the app. When you have created your video and you are going to put it on your child, you can activate the “record reactions” option. That will make that after the visualization, you have a video with a close-up of your children and their great surprised face and in a side window, the video they are watching. It’s very exciting!!.

Personalize messages and videos in seconds.

The hard part here is choosing which video or call you want to start with, because they have so many that you’ll want them all. Once you are clear about what you want, customizing it is very easy in a few steps and the app guides you at all times.
Depending on the video you choose, you will have more or less options and these may vary: In some videos they will put several photos of the child or children protagonists, their tastes, interests, etc.
In others he will ask us some personal questions such as recent merits of the child, what gift he will receive at Christmas, what is his favorite toy, if he has any special qualities to mention … Santa will say all that later in his videos, calling them by name on several occasions.

Also depending on the video you choose, it will ask you for several photos of the children, their mom or dad, a special day, etc. Those photos will appear throughout the video in different places in Santa’s scenes.
Both the names and data and the photographs are fantastically integrated and nothing artificial or forced looks, it is as if they have really recorded that video just for them.

The license acquired with the magic pass lasts one year for less than € 15, something that is very good because you can use it all year round to congratulate them on birthdays or encourage them in their achievements and day-to-day goals. There are several videos and calls for this purpose, and there are also to motivate a whole group or the whole family.

Recently they have added the new option to acquire the license for something else and have it active for 10 years, something perfect to use throughout the childhood of children and that lasts the magic.

I love these things and everything that is to create magic at Christmas, welcome. This application seems very compatible with the Christmas elf that I showed you this week, because it is one of Santa’s elves who comes to our homes at Christmas to see how we are behaving and do some mischief.

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