Do you like soap bubbles?. Sign these great pomperos.

Finally the weather has changed for my land and it can be said that we have released spring (Yes, at this point). And we’ve done it in a big way, premiering a new Gazillion pompero. What would a summer without soap bubbles be? Around here we have had many of the typical glass and stick pomperos, it is the first one we have to batteries thanks to Funrise.

It is simpler than the mechanism of a pacifier. I do not think that at this point I have to explain how a pompero works haha.

Gazillion formula.

Do you know how to make soapy water for the pomperos when they run out? I can’t get it out either… It’s terrible, I can’t find a way to make it perfect for me to make good bubbles.

What I didn’t know (I always find out the last one) is that they now sell bottles and carafes with the water already prepared to refill. The Gazillion formula is eco-friendly and does not stain clothes or furniture. I’ve tried the clothes thing, I attest.


They have a multitude of different guns and pots to get bubbles, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

Double-barreled gun of bubbles. You just have to fill the tank, which is anti-spill, and the fun begins with the double bubbles.
Bubble fan. 
Again you have to fill the tank so that the blades when turning are taking the liquid and manufacturing the bubbles.

We have the bubble fan, which carries three batteries of the thin ones (AAA) that last a long time. That the Gazillion solution does not stain clothes suits me well, because with this gun you are going to get wet. I would like the tank to be anti-spill like that of the double gun, because with this the little one, being very small, forgets to leave it straight and falls continuously.

Tornado. 4,500 bubbles per minute is capable of manufacturing the Tornado machine. It is great to play many children with it without fighting over who holds it and to use in photo shoots with bubbles.
Whirlwind – Premium bubble machine.
 Same as the previous one but larger, and manufacturing 7,500 bubbles per minute.

Giant Power Wand – Giant bubble mill. Thesetake more technique but the result is spectacular. You have to immerse the rod in the solution and hitting a button will create giant bubbles with colored reflections.
Incredi-Bubble Wand – Giant bubble ring. 
A super rod to create castling bubbles and surprise others.


Funrise has been manufacturing, distributing and marketing toys since 1987 and is responsible for distributing Gazillion’s bubble and liquid replenishment machines.

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