Broks: STEM toys that work with imagination. (With draw)

When I was little, I remember most children had the same toys. There was little variety, in the end everything was “sota, caballo, rey”. Now that does not happen, now it is incredible the enormous variety of toys that exist, and of all kinds and colors. There is so much to choose from, that what we look for in a toy is: That it does not have it already, that it is original, that it does not leave it forgotten.
And that becomes complicated in this era in which they have absolutely everything.

But with Broks we can get it right, at least in my house. It is something original, it is not usually seen in all houses (at the moment) so it is always a surprise, it is not forgotten in a corner and also… It has multiple benefits.

What exactly is Broks?

Broks are kits of meccano type parts but more modern. They are toys that do not play alone and that totally enhance their imagination and creativity. So far there are 3 kits of different indications by age, which are joined by the novelty this year, the Invention Time kit.

Each box contains multiple pieces and a book with 10 challenges. Challenges are sample figures step by step for them to build. But once built, the game does not end there, because it has only just begun.
Now is when, with their imagination, they have to build their own figures and make their creations.

The boxes contain colored figures with round, hollow shapes, full of holes, elbow-shaped, elongated, rigid, rubber parts… everything you need to create. Each box is themed, but imagination is free.

The pieces can rotate and move, so the fun is multiplied by being able to create mobile toys.

Why Broks?.

  • Empower your imagination and creativity.
  • It stimulates motor and cognitive development and logical thinking.
  • Improves coordination, fine motor skills and spatial calculation.
  • Move!. You can create shapes that move or rotate.
  • You can put together several kits to create everything you can imagine.
  • Because it’s a STEM toy

What is a STEM toy?

A STEM toy is one that is related to science and technology. (Its acronym, in English: science, technology, engineering and mathematics).
They are not only educational toys, they are toys that contribute to reinforce the 4 great disciplines mentioned.

A STEM toy stimulates creativity and solving challenges and problems.
They are toys that although they have an optimal age, they can play with them large and small.
STEM toys promote gender equality and break stereotypes.
But above all, they are fun toys, because if they become complicated and boring, no child will want to play with them and they will have failed in their purpose.

Broks varieties.

Happy zoo
From 3 to 6 years and 72 pieces.

Future Land
From 3 to 8 years and 60 pieces.

Made Race
From 4 to 9 years and 118 pieces.

Invention Time ((New))
From 4 to 10 years and 124 pieces.

All the kits are compatible with each other, so if you take several, you will be expanding it to create what the kids can think of.

Happy Zoo

Our kit is the Happy Zoo, we chose it because the little one likes animals. He brings the 10 challenges or figures to create, but mine goes for free and does not follow instructions, he makes worms and snakes as he pleases (because he is worth it).

The manual comes perfectly designed so that they recognize all the necessary parts and their placement step by step. That, if you do not have the manual as an ornament, like me.

We have recorded a small video showing the kit, what you are going to contain, what it consists of, its benefits, and the cat (likes to suck camera).

I hope it helps you get an idea and that it ends up convincing you that Broks is cool a lot and is a great gift, or a great toy for school.


Let no one move!!!

Wouldn’t you like to take a kit home? Well, you know the mechanics… Broks gives us a Happy Zoo kit to raffle. And the requirements, the same as always:

  • Follow Refugio de Crianza and Broks in the network you want (We are both in all).
  • In order to know that you participate, we need you to interact with the publication that we are going to put of the draw in the networks or here in the post. It serves to share, tag, comment and like.

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