10 curiosities about Halloween night

There are many curiosities about Halloween night and details and anecdotes about this party that is celebrated in much of the world on October 31.

In fact, in the United States it has become the second most successful celebration after Christmas, since there are many people who dare to enjoy it on the eve of All Saints’ Day.

However, we are facing a holiday that, contrary to what many people think, did not originate in the American continent, but in Europe.

But this is just one of the curiosities about Halloween night that we will address throughout this post present on the Wikiduca blog.

Remember that, if you are fascinated by this celebration, through this web portal you will also have the opportunity to know the origin of Halloween.

Ten things about All Saints’ Day Eve that will surprise you

Although there are many curiosities surrounding the magical night of Halloween, in this article we have compiled a dozen so you can know some of the most outstanding.

A party with European origin

Although many people believe that Halloween is an American holiday, in reality the celebration comes from a ritual that the Celts living in Ireland carried out thousands of years ago.

When the Irish emigrated to North America in the nineteenth century they spread the holiday in the United States, where it became a much more popular and commercial event.

The True Meaning

The word Halloween comes from the Anglo-Saxon words All Hallows’ Eve, which means All Hallows’ Eve.

The pumpkin

The pumpkin is, without a doubt, one of the most representative symbols of Halloween night. However, in its origins the Celts used turnips that they emptied and lit to light the night and ward off ghosts.

Bringing the tradition to the United States, they realized that the pumpkin was much easier to empty and light, which made it the “official” vegetable of the party.

Millionaire figures

Costumes, trinkets, pumpkins, horror movies… There are many elements that are part of the eve of All Saints’ Day and that lead the fans of this celebration to make countless purchases.

Currently, this holiday moves millions of dollars and, in the United States alone, more than 9.100 billion are spent every year, according to data from the National Retail Federation and the consultancy Prosper Insights & Analytics.

Countless movies

Do you want to know more curiosities about Halloween night? In that case you are probably interested to know that this party has led to the recording of lots of movies.

Only the Halloween Saga, centered on a serial killer named Michael Myers, consists of a total of eleven feature films to which we can add many other productions that revolve around this terrifying party.

A Guinness World Record

Did you know that the Halloween party also has some Guinness records? To know one of the most outstanding we have to travel to Illinois, in the United States.

And it was there where lovers of this traditional celebration managed to carve nothing more and nothing less than 30,919 pumpkins and light them at the same time.

Black cats, and bad luck?

If you like Halloween you will know that black cats are part of costumes and decorative elements because they are associated with the devil and bad luck.

However, this belief is not the same as in everyone. In fact, in England black kittens are associated with good fortune, while white cats are associated with misfortune.

More curiosities about felines

Although the association between evil and black cats is nothing more than a superstition, in the United States it is not allowed to adopt cats of this color on Halloween.

The objective of this prohibition is none other than to prevent these small felines from being sacrificed by satanic sects that take advantage of the night of October 31 to perform rituals.

Fear of Halloween

All the elements surrounding the Halloween party are related to fear and terror and are increasingly creepy because legend has it that spirits take advantage of the night of October 31 to return to the world of the living.

However, there are people who, really, suffer real panic during this day because they suffer from a type of phobia known as samhainophobia.

Getting to know your future husband

In Scotland there is a tradition of the most peculiar that leads single women to hang wet sheets in front of the fire on Halloween night because it is believed that, in this way, they will see the image of their future husband reflected on the fabric.

There is no doubt that there are many curiosities about Halloween night. Do you know more? In that case, remember that at Wikiduca we will love you to tell us about them through the comments section.

Do not forget that the night of October 31 becomes the ideal time to resort to Halloween games to learn English with the kids.

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