Creatures that children love.

There is nothing my son loves more than animals. Just as Noah is known to fill an ark with them to save them, Noah fills my house with all kinds of animals to care for.

It doesn’t matter if they’re big or small, docile or wild or handsome or ugly. All animals, including those that do not exist, deserve your attention.

And as for fantastic or extinct creatures we know a lot, since they are their favorites: dinosaurs, godzillas, hydras, cancerberos or monsters with unpronounceable names are their favorites.

In addition, we are big fans of VV Kids and they are experts in publishing books about extinct animals and wonderful creatures, in addition to our beloved dinosaurs.
His books are usually large and content, always betting on offering children titles that let them develop their imagination and creativity in a fascinating way and for all ages, including babies.

But as knowledge has no place and we love to read about these beings, we have added to our collection a great book about fantastic animals published by Vicens Vives Kids in a large format:

The great book of fantastic creatures.

This book contains all the information you need to identify the strangest and most formidable fantastic creatures. You will discover where they hide, what they look like, what their habits are, what they feed on… And how to take care of them!
Are you ready to enter the mysterious world of these fascinating creatures? Leave your fears out and dare to enter!

Anne and the creatures.

This is not just any book, but the diary of Anne, aspiring guardian of fantastic animals, like Newton Scamander!
Anne is learning everything from her father, the official guardian, to one day take his place in this delicate task.


The first pages of Anne’s notebook are dedicated to fantastic creatures suitable for first-timers. The most docile and easy to care for: unicorn, carbuncle or alicanto.

Then he then teaches us fantastic creatures for expert caretakers. Those that become dangerous because they puncture, crush, bite or poison everyone who dislikes them: phoenix, cerberus, hydra or tap among others.

In total there are 15 creatures that Ana tells us about in great detail throughout her animal notebook.


In each of the sections dedicated to each creature we have the details of it, curiosities, a portrait to full size to be able to recognize it and points to highlight such as how to attract it, how to gain its trust or what it likes to do.

In short, everything necessary for an aspiring guardian of creatures to begin their training and become a great caretaker.

In its final pages there are surprises, and that is that we can not train as guardians without passing a final exam, vedad?.

Well, to begin with, they summarize the 5 golden rules to perfectly take care of fantastic creatures. For example, it is important to know that they are not toys, they are living beings and as such they must be treated. They have to always be neat, have their optimal food for each one, they should not be disturbed and you never have to lower your guard with them.

We also have a special tracking to know how to identify their footprints, a series of questions about the animals in the notebook and finally, the final exam.

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