Rattles, an essential basic.

If there is an essential play object in the first months of a baby’s life, I certainly think it would be the rattle and/or any object that the baby uses as such. And while in the past silver or plastic rattles were common with the typical 3 spheres that made noise, now there are multiple much more beautiful and soft options, which avoid unnecessary blows, such as the beautiful stuffed rattles with forms of loving and tender animals.

We are talking about what is possibly one of the first sensory toys for babies that is known and that serves to stimulate their senses.

Sign the stuffed rattles of Lilliputiens because besides being beautiful, they are very complete and fun. This type of toy has several benefits:

• Improves fine motor skills. To play with a rattle, babies will have to make precise movements with their hands, fingers and wrists, which also favors the strengthening of the muscles of the hand.

• Promotes crawling. When babies begin to move or crawl, leaving them toys of this type favors that they throw themselves to crawl to try to reach them when they escape or throw them away.

• Stimulates your senses. Sight, hearing and touch are stimulated with a rattle thanks to their sounds, crunchy textures, bright colors, mirrors and other surprises found in them.


Lilliputiens stuffed rattles.

The perfect combination between the sound toy and the attachment doll, these stuffed rattles are soft, soft and the ideal companion for our babies.

At Lilliputiens they know a lot about cute and cuddly toys. Not long ago we showed you their cloth books with the characteristic characters of the brand: the unicorn Louise, the rhinoceros Mario or Jack the Lion.

This time we introduce you to the toucan Pablo and the fox Alicia.
We love that each family has their character and being able to call them by name. Children learn to recognize them quickly and distinguish them from the rest.

These stuffed rattles are machine washable up to 30º in delicate cycle so as not to spoil them. They can bite them all they want because there is not a dangerous part in them.
For Lilliputiens, safety comes first, and they create safe, high-quality toys that last for many years and can be passed between siblings or even in later generations.

Rattle with Alice handles. A nice little fox who hides a secret.


This beautiful rattle is perfect for younger children, because it has a very simple grip for them with its original shape. Alice is accompanied by a friend hidden inside, they will have to find out!

The rattle has different crunchy textures that sound when you grab it, and if you shake it, you can hear its rattle.

Toucan rattle Pablo. With teether, mirror and a vibrant surprise.


And by the time the kids have better grip, we have Pablo, this friendly Toucan that hides inside a few surprises.
On the one hand, we have textures with noises and even a mirror to see their reflection. In addition, if we press its beak it emits a sound.
If we are attentive we can see in the nest a baby toucan that the little ones can pull to see how it is collected immediately with its vibrating retractable system.

Stuffed rattles not only serve to stimulate the ear with their characteristic sound when shaking, but also sight and touch with their vivid colors, shapes and different textures. The rattles can be made of wood, plastic, metal, fabrics or stuffed animals like the ones I just showed you.

In addition, these in particular being made of fabric also serve as a stuffed animal or attachment doll.

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