Waldorf education, wooden rainbow and Ocamora. (with draw).

At this point in the game that I tell you what a wooden rainbow is, nothing new will be discovered. I think most of us know what they are and what they do. Well, except for a couple of my friends, who have treated us like crazy asking what we want it for, without knowing its multiple possibilities. (They will be zoquetas…).

Who has never wanted one? I was sure I was going to have it, I always liked them since I talked to Lai because at that time she was looking for one. (That’s how one mom thinks.)
The rainbow is beautiful outside and inside. And no, it’s not that it’s filled, I mean that its options are multiple. It is a toy that does not play alone, does not go to batteries and does not bring manual. You need a boy or girl and a rainbow, nothing more. Their imagination and ability to create and invent do the rest.
My little one uses the same to create zoos, which makes tall constructions. Slides, mazes, or roads. He uses it to make his dolls feel or to create pools for his sharks.
The versatility of the rainbow is inexhaustible.

Wooden rainbow.

Undoubtedly one of the most desired toys and present in the lives of mommy bloggers. In those that are not also, but I with the blog I have noticed that the ones who know it most are those who regularly read blogs and / or have one.
What’s so special about it? Well, it totally encourages their imagination, is made of natural wood and has no age limit.

It is ideal for symbolic play, as different shapes and scenarios can be built with it.
It serves to learn, recognize and distinguish colors.
Its wood is ideal to enhance sensory play.
They will learn basic concepts such as symmetry, balance, shapes, sizes.

Although they also have a rainbow of natural wood, we chose the traditional color. You have them in various sizes and with more or less pieces. The most coveted is undoubtedly the 12 colors. Ocamora manufactures its products with wood from sustainable forests and the dyes used are ecological.

They have it in 3 sizes: 12, 9 and 6 pieces. You can choose the color of the top piece, by which the rainbow will begin. They also have it natural without painting, like the one my compi has. Its price varies between 20 and 67 euros, but realize that it is a toy that does not spoil, does not break, and if you take good care of it, it lasts you a lifetime.

Waldorf education.

The basis of Waldorf is that all toys must transmit experiences (except dolls) related to nature and human creations. In this pedagogy you will not find as many toys in themselves as elements of play. For example, the best known and used are fabrics, natural materials, elements to model, color and create, wooden blocks and constructions, and of course, our rainbow.

Waldorf education aims at the development of each individuality, giving the same importance to what has been learned as to the learning process. Rudolf Steiner created this form of learning whose basis is to have the appropriate development for each age balancing their aptitudes, potential, capacity, and respecting their evolutionary stages.

“In life, more valuable than knowledge is the way to acquire it.”

                                                                                                                               Rudolf Steiner.


Ocamora is a totally family business. Laura and Gregorio perform each piece one by one themselves with a hand and with all their love. That is why they take a while to place orders, realize that they do all the work with two assistants and sometimes they are overwhelmed by requests.
The idea came when they created a puzzle for their children and some friends loved it. In a matter of a month they already had the facebook page and they made them to order.

They are a completely “rural” family, nature lovers, they like to travel in their caravan, do everything by hand themselves, and always sign up for any project that attracts them. They have 3 kids and the workshop at home, it is not uncommon to see one of the children “helping” in the photos of the networks.

Not only do they receive orders from individuals, they also manufacture for schools and children’s spaces, and Laura tells me that they are excited to know that they not only manufacture the toy itself, but that they are collaborating in some way with learning. They love to see the pictures that those of us who have their toys send them because they love to see our children playing with them.

My little one with his rainbow of ocamora

Our toys have no instructions, they are designed to let the imagination run wild… They allow the little ones, and not so small, to explore, play and learn, naturally. Discovering the touch or smell of wood, the sensations provided by natural elements, should be an option available to all children.

Laura and Gregorio, Ocamora.

In its catalog we also find the curved table, puzzles and lacables, figures, stackables, houses and farms etc. In their facebook they tell us the news, they are very active and are always putting photos, so I recommend following them.

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