Outdoor games: for running, jumping, getting wet and laughing non-stop.

We still have summer ahead of us and a few weeks of playing in the street. Whether in the pool, beach, in a park or in the garden at home, you have to take advantage of the good temperatures before the cold arrives.
We are very lucky because we live in a small place and being on the street is the daily bread. We love to bring games to the pool and eras to play with other children!

We have a few board games and pocket cards that we put in the backpack and also others to make us run, jump, hide and get tired. Do you want to see the funniest ones?

Ducks to the water!

Playing in the water is twice as fun, and now we can do it on the beach or in the pool, but in winter we also enjoy in the bathtub. There are many games and toys for the little ones in the house that end up being used by older siblings as well.

We like floating animals that spit water and make bubbles, to keep everyone entertained by watching who makes the biggest bubbles. You have them in Lilliputiens with the peace of mind that they are made 100% with silicone, without BPA or any type of harmful material. Come on, they can eat them, as Alma does at home with everything.

Another that makes us crazy are the sets that carry many floating pieces such as boats with accessories or fishing games. The boat can even be anchored! Its suction cup stuck to the bathtub or the edge of the pool, if the wall is smooth, will prevent it from going far.
Fishing games never fail, whether on a board simulating a boat or for use in the bathtub. We go further and take everything to the pool to enjoy in company.

Games to move.

Our games have to adapt to various ages because where we live we are so few that children play together with differences of 4- to 6 years between them. Sometimes the grown-ups feel like playing on their own or the kids get bored and get something else, but usually as soon as a game is released, everyone participates regardless of age.

Our latest success has been the ¡Pilla, pilla!, by Lilliputiens. A “put the tail to the donkey” type game that includes 4 different tails with velcro and their respective ties at the waist to place.
You have to walk alive to take away the tail of others without taking away ours.
With this game they have been entertaining from 4-5 years old to 9-year-olds.

The tails are resistant to pulling, only the velcro is released without tearing the fabric, we give it a few years of life. And one thing I liked is that the fabric of the tape that is put at the waist to hold the tails is very soft and does not make tears or chafing.

This game goes together with the one in the photo below, the sack races, where the protagonists are again the giraffe, the flamingo, the crocodile and the rhinoceros. Well-known characters for which we have other Liliputiens products, since they are protagonists of their lines of accessories and toys.

Jungle Race is another fun game for all ages, a “board” game taken to real size and where the chips are us. It is a kind of treasure hunt that keeps the kids moving and attentive to every play.

Outdoor games, bath toys and other Lilliputiens products can be purchased online at Minikidz or CucuToys, since at the moment they only ship to France from their website.

The success of outdoor games.

Playing outdoors encourages socialization and if we give them games or toys that motivate them we are giving a little push for children who find it difficult to play in a group or start a game. They are the best tool to take the first step with just a: do we play?
At a time when children with mobile phones abound even on the street, giving them this type of outdoor games will make them forget the screens for a moment.

Whether they are pocket games to play in a group or if they are to move, any option is good and has its time and place. There is nothing better than a good country overmestra with games that give us a little quiet in the shade and then have a good afternoon of fun, races and jumps with games that make them move and perform physical exercise to develop and improve their fine and gross motor skills.

Generally, these games have much fewer rules than card and table games, so they are easy for everyone to explain and learn. They can be easily adapted to the ages of children and serve as a perfect excuse to motivate exploration of the environment and respect for the environment.

Playing outdoors arouses their interest and encourages learning, so take the opportunity to give them autonomy and let them explore all their creativity and imagination, inventing new games with the materials they have, they will surprise you!

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