The new and surprising thing about Fisher Price: linkimals. Ideal to give two by two.

Being in Madresfera has many advantages for blogs like mine, and one of them is to be able to access quality seals that allow us to try interesting products and novelties that we do not know.
One of those stamps is the one that today leads me to tell you about these interactive animals, the Linkimals.
This is the Fisher Price seal of quality, and from here I want to thank Madresfera for these opportunities.

A few months ago I told you about the Robi and Rocky Rocky Roquero train, toys that my precious nephew, the youngest testator on this blog, tries and enjoys. Yes, even then I was surprised by everything Rocky was capable of and his interaction with the baby.
Now I have been able to see and try the new Fisher Price, the Linkimals. And I can only say that I hallucinate with the things they invent. From the moment we lit them that was the verbena of the Dove with the four animals talking, singing and communicating with each other.


The linkimals are Moose, Flame, Sloth, Otter and Hedgehog. Each of them individually offers a lot of fun and learning to children.
For example, Laziness invites children to dance and sing, claps and shakes his head. Their phrases and songs teach them letters, numbers, colors and opposites. It has lights in the gut and different buttons to press and be surprised.

The Moose is perfect to carry in your bag or cart because of its small size. His songs teach colors and numbers from 1 to 10. In addition it is also very lively and its head moves to dance.

The Hedgehog also incorporates various games that stimulate children‘s learning and sociability: songs and phrases to learn shapes, numbers and colors, a rotating roller that activates their reactions, buttons to press and a string to take it for a walk around the house.

The ABC Otter is, say, its first tablet. Their gut has a learning keyboard that teaches them letters and multiple words also favoring the development of fine motor skills by having to interact by pressing the buttons.
The Flame is a set of colored rings but in a sophisticated version. You can play to fit the hoops by practicing gross motor skills and learn the sizes and colors and you can also squeeze Llama’s head and listen to his songs and phrases.

The party starts when you put two more together.

Now the good stuff begins, when you have more than one Linkimals. You just have to turn them on and they alone will talk to each other and respond. Their lights and sounds synchronize and every time one speaks, the others respond.
They invite each other to play and dance, encouraging the little ones to do the same. They also teach each other colors, numbers, shapes, opposites and words, and by inviting others to answer they are causing the child to participate.

It really is a spectacle to see them live, and it does not matter if you separate them to another room because they will continue to play and sing.
The stimulation they exert on the children is wonderful, I have to say that they had the three of us stunned watching how they interact and responding to their games.

That I tell you may seem to exaggerate, so we have prepared a small video that I will put at the end of the post so you can see them in action. The synchronization they carry is amazing and although for example the Flame separately does not teach numbers, together with another Linkimal repeats numbers and does accounts. They complement each other in such a way that just by having two you will already have several different games.

I could not say which one we like better because although each one has its characteristics, they are all cute and together they are the bomb.
Perhaps the one that the little one liked the most has been the flame, because that of taking all the rings, biting them, throwing them or hitting them is very fun. So he takes the opportunity to do a little arm gymnastics and improve his grip, eye-hand coordination and marksmanship when he throws them at me.
I think the fact that he loves to bite the hoops because he is with his teeth is a plus.
But on the other hand the Sloth has also loved him and looks a lot at him when he dances and moves his arms.

While it is true that toys should interact with children without leaving them out of the game, do not think that because they talk and sing to each other they will not like them. What they really do is encourage the kids to answer and participate in the game, without leaving them isolated. Based on imitation and repetitions children will be encouraged to do the same and play with each one.

The Linkimals, which were awarded Best Toy of 2019 by the Toy Manufacturers Association and believe me the award is mega deserved.
Now that Christmas is approaching, take note because I think it is an excellent option for gifts for babies from 9 months.
They also have different prices from € 10 so having two is very simple, being able to combine them all. No matter which you choose, as long as there are two, fun is guaranteed.

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