Peppa pig: fun dresses and deluxe car by Bandai. Which one do you choose?.

It is inevitable to fill our feed these days with toy recommendations, gift ideas, books for Christmas and endless other ideas. We are like nougat, which comes back for Christmas.
Today I come to speak directly to the little fans of Peppa Pig, the most famous pig today.
And we want to show you two novelties that will surely be in the letter of their majesties of many children: Peppa fun dresses and deluxe car.

Since it was released back in 2004 (in Spain 2010) Peppa Pig became a mass phenomenon adored by children. What’s the secret to your success so you even have your own theme park?
Maybe it’s her short episodes that prevent children from getting tired, maybe her innocence that makes parents trust her and plug in the TV when Peppa comes out. Its cheerful colors, or that it is a very pizzy and sociable pig

Be that as it may, Peppa does not go out of style and remains on the list of orders to their majesties and Santa Claus year after year.
What toys will they be asked for this year?

Peppa funny dresses.

With this curious set you can change the outfit of your Peppa up to 4 different times thanks to its dresses and accessories. A total of 12 pieces to wear to Peppa on the street, with her raincoat and her boots to jump in puddles, as a dancer with a crown and in pajamas with her inseparable Teddy.

But you can also combine accessories and create new outfits and looks. It includes shoes, glasses, crown, dresses, wellies and also a series of stickers to customize Peppa clothes.

But beware that does not end there everything that includes the set. The Peppa doll has a button in her gut and if you press it you will hear her laugh out loud. (3 LR44 batteries included).

Deluxe Car Peppa Pig.

Known to us as “Mommy’s Car”, Deluxe Car is a set that includes a large car equal to Peppa’s in the drawings. It includes the figures of Peppa and her mother, you can sit in the car up to 4 figures and its steering wheel is a button that when pressed emits the well-known song of the series, starting noise or horn (batteries included).

But also the car is perfect for picnicking and in its trunk there is space to store the accessories included: The table, plates, bottle and picnic suitcase.

If you already have Peppa figures or sets you can join them all as they are the same size and fit perfectly in the car. Put them all together and spend a Deluxe afternoon playing with them.

Ask the Kings now!

We must take advantage of the fact that these days their majesties attend our requests with more enthusiasm and include the Peppa in our letters.
Just in case the Magi are a little lost, I indicate where you can find these toys to supply all the children who ask for them: You can find them in toy stores, department stores or on Amazon: Deluxe Car on Amazon – Peppa funny dresses on Amazon.

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