Sherlock Express, by Mercury.

Lately, we are discovering games that we have never played before and that hook us completely for their structure, speed and theme. This is the case of Sherlock Express, a game of discrimination and / or visual perception edited by Mercurio Distribuciones with a price less than € 20 and suitable for children from 5/6 years, although the optimal and recommended age is 7.

It is a game created by Henri Kermarrec with illustrations by Benédicte Ammar and edited by Mercurio, just like Sushi Bar, a chip game that we showed you a few days ago.

A good visual perception game.

Go ahead that the main attraction of a game is that it amuses and entertains. If it does not comply with that, it can already be the best game in the world, according to a thousand experts, that children will not want to play.
Sherlock Express is a fun, fast and agile game, so it fulfills the most important point.

You already know that there are many games and stories that in addition to entertaining the kids, bring them benefits of all kinds in their learning and development. Well, this is a perfect game of discrimination or visual perception.

Visual perception in children allows them to organize and make sense of the information that their eyes send to the brain. Having good visual perception is very important to help your child in their academic performance.

Visual discrimination is a skill with which children can distinguish the different properties of the elements or objects that are around them, they can differentiate them by color, shape, position, symmetry, etc.

It could be said that visual discrimination is a part of visual perception, a resource to work this form of learning by observation that also includes reasoning, attention and processing speed and that provides multiple benefits.

Benefits of playing Sherkock Express:

Motor coordination is the ability to perform movements correctly and efficiently. In this case they work both, fine and thick, to handle the cards and be the fastest to discover the culprit.

The cognitive system is responsible for thinking and reasoning and has 4 stages according to the age of children. From 7 to 12 years is known as the “concrete operations stage”. Generally, certain skills such as memory, language, perception, organization and problem solving are used.

Logical thinking and speed is one of the parts of cognitive development and with games like this you work autonomously and casually by having to discard suspects according to the alibis and assessing who is the culprit through observation.
Likewise, they will have to use mental speed to be the fastest and win the games.

Concentration and attention is another strong point that they enhance by being on constant alert so that they do not escape an alibi and be the fastest to discover the culprit.

It enhances memory, something that comes in handy for all of us at any age. As alibis come out and with them discard the suspects, it will be necessary to use memory to remember which ones can be and which ones cannot, you can not use your hands, or remove letters, or write it down on paper.

It’s hilarious and helps them socialize. This is one of the most important parts, that it is so fun that they want to play it for themselves. It is a game of 2 to 6 players and like any game that is used with friends, it helps to socialize and strengthen bonds and relationships.

Objective and instructions of the game.

🕵 With Sherlock Express we become detectives to unmask the accomplices of Moriarty, Sherlock’s greatest enemy.
To do this, we have, on the one hand, a wheel of suspects in photos with certain scenarios, animals and accessories and alibi cards with those same objects, scenarios and animals, on the other.

▶ To start the game, 6 suspects are placed face up in the center of the table and the rest are left face down in the middle. Alibi cards are dealt equally among all players and left upside down.


🗃 Now we are going to take out one by one one of the alibi cards by turning them on the table. Every time a player takes one he will say out loud what it is (eg meadow, monocle or tiger) and all players will mentally discard the suspects who fit that card of those on the table and that can be one, several or none.
We keep pulling cards until only one possible suspect remains on the table, who will be the culprit. The way to unmask him is to be the fastest player to put his hand on it.


⬆ In this example of departure we see that the hat, monocle, meadow and library have already been discarded. That leaves us with only one possible culprit, the koala that I have marked with a white circle and that has none of those elements, while the others have one or several.

⭕ The end of the round comes when one of two things happens: 1. There is only one possible suspect left on the table and one of the players has already unmasked him by taking the suspect card as evidence. 2. All suspects have been discarded without any left, in this case the culprit is Moriarty himself and we must quickly put our hand in the center of the table while saying his name. The first takes the first card of the moton.

⛔ The game ends when one of the players gets 5 guilty cards.

Quick to learn and play.

I assure you that this game is longer to explain than to understand. It is caught on the fly and here we have played with children of 5-6 years without problems. Once they understand that the alibis are discarding the suspects, the rest go alone.
It is a good game not only of visual perception, but also of mental agility and speed.


The presentation is very careful in a hard cardboard box with magnetic closure that opens as if it were a book. It does not have many components, only the cards, which curiously are round. This makes it perfect to carry everywhere by putting the cards in any cloth bag.

Remember that this game is suitable for almost any age, since it is very easy to understand and you learn to play in a single round, so if you have children at home, do not hesitate to add it to your toy library.
You can find it in toy stores, the Mercury online store, Amazon and sites specializing in games and toys.

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