Ideas for decorating walls with canvases, photos and frames.

I am a walking contradiction, on the one hand, I love it when I see in decoration magazines the Nordic style nothing ornate, white, clean, free of visual noise. And on the other… I am unable to see a white wall in my house, I have to always put color and choose to decorate walls with canvases, ornaments, paintings, shelves, vinyl, etc.

This week I made use of Photoweb services, which have several options to decorate with your favorite photos. And whoever says photos, says pictures or drawings, you can do whatever you want. I am in favor of mixing photo canvases with frames that frame our favorite photos and sheets that give it another touch to break the visual aesthetic.

The only walls that were free at home were those of the playroom, an improvisation that we did a couple of years ago to take advantage of a space in the attic and where we have been attaching furniture that was small in our room or that we did not use, to put them there and have storage. It will not be the most beautiful, but it is very functional and we spend many hours there in winter.

Choosing the decoration to Noah’s liking.

As I said, the space that we are currently decorating and changing is the attic. It is a huge room that we used as a warehouse and which we have divided into two with a blind to take advantage of part of it and converted into a game room and since January we began to shape it looked like this:

The only downside is that it has a single velux window and that greatly limits the organization, because for the games room we wanted natural light and it is not enough for the whole room.

It has undergone many variations in these months to make it more practical and functional, and incidentally I have taken the opportunity to decorate the main wall that has a lot of length, but little height and I was clear about what I wanted to do there:

Noah is a big animal lover, so the idea was to fill the entire wall with canvases, frames and sheets. And for this I have photos of him with various animals mixed with framed drawings that he makes himself or printed canvases of our favorite photos.

I did not want to do everything of the same type because as it is something that I am doing little by little and for this I will use decorations that I buy next to decorations that the child makes or that they give him, the uniformity was going to be lost, so it seemed better idea to do everything mixed from the beginning and you can see that his wall mixes canvases, Pictures, framed photos and some drawing.

Decorate walls with photos in Photoweb.

Unless you dedicate yourself to photography and have plenty of material, you are probably like me who has to search, choose and order. This time we opted for Photoweb to order our enlarged and framed photos, ready to hang.

Although on other occasions I choose canvases or frame sheets with our favorite drawings, this time I wanted some specific photos of Noah with animals, his favorites. The idea is to fill that wall with all its fauna and the photo with the wolf is one that I have always loved and wanted to do something with it, as well as that of the giraffes of Cabárceno, because we already had an extension framed with the elephants.

It cannot be seen in my photo because the attic does not have much natural light in that part, but the sharpness of the photos is total and has not suffered loss of color in the process. The editor lets you choose the crop so that your photo fits perfectly to the frame without suffering unwanted amputations or erroneous framing.

In Photoweb you can choose the type of product to decorate the walls with your photos: photo canvas, photo with frame or poster. Within each product the options are also varied, size, orientation, type of frame … And having 3 different options you can play with the mixtures as I have done or look for a more harmonious effect by creating collages of products of the same category.

I am in favor of mixing because I think about whether at some point someone gives me a canvas or frame that fits perfectly on that wall, surely it is different from the others, so that I do not limit myself when placing them, I take them in different colors, type and size.

If you like to change the decoration, another option is to be more practical and ask for developing your favorite photos to decorate walls with collages on corks, ordered in frames or with any other variant that you can think of. Its development service also has many options: enlargements to have our best memories in large, copies with polaroid style, ideal for hanging with mini-tweezers of a simple rope or conventional developed to print your hundreds of photos economically.

I use this service a lot to keep the best photos on paper, create memories of Noah’s pregnancy, childhood or our travels with them and have spare copies to give to the family. In addition, on the web they usually have discount coupons such as those that currently have assets of € 10 discount throughout the web or 40 revealed for free. (Check conditions on the web)

Once the product is chosen and customized, it will indicate the production and delivery times, which can vary from one product to another between 3-4 days for production and another 2-6 days for shipment. Keep in mind that these types of services take a while between going to production and then to transport, so ask for them in advance if the idea is to give them to someone.

About Photoweb.

Photoweb is a company established in France, where its shipments also come from, since they are produced entirely there. For this reason, their shipping times are variable and somewhat longer than other companies that produce here, although it must be said that one of their express shipping options has a delivery time similar to any company in Spain, in case you urgently need to receive it as soon as possible.

Since its creation, more than 20 years ago, it has continued to be updated with new ranges of photographic products, all of them customizable according to our needs: photographic prints, photo album, magnets, wall decoration with photos on canvas, photographic posters and framed posters.

Its photographic products use the latest printing technology and undergo thorough quality control before delivery. In addition, their commitment to customer satisfaction is total and they undertake to return the money in the form of a balance if the final product is not as expected and free reshipment of the order if it has suffered damage or if it could not be delivered within 5 working days since it leaves its facilities.

If you order different products they will arrive in separate shipments and surely in different terms, but all correctly packaged and insured, with delivery under signature and tracking.

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