The baby stroller, essential for many.

For some it is another junk, but for others it is an essential that we amortize well thoroughly. I’m talking about baby carriages, one of the most precious objects on baby lists and that most often raise the cost of maternity.

For me, without a doubt, it is the most used object next to the car seat, and both must be chosen conscientiously taking into account the use that will be given and that adapts to our needs and lifestyle.

In the case of baby carriages I always say that there is no perfect model for everyone, but there is the ideal model for each family.
It is not the same to live in the countryside than in the city, or to depend a lot on the car that needs a car with good folding and little weight.

If you move a lot by car or public transport and live in a big city, you will need a light cart, easy to transport, fold and move down any street between traffic and people.



Our lightweight Goble chair by Ickle Bubba is a very good versatile option in terms of chairs for all types of terrain and to which a carrycot can be attached to use it in the first months as a stroller.

See model Globe by Ickle Bubba

On the contrary, if you live in a more rural terrain or make many outings to the countryside, beach or similar, yours will be a more off-road stroller that takes up more space, but handles better in those situations.

Therefore, I always insist that you take into account your pace of life and situation before choosing: size of the trunk, elevator of house, urbanites or rural, etc.

That said, let’s go with the list of the best options.

10 Best Strollers 2022

To make this list of the best baby strollers I have based myself as always on an analysis and comparison of the best-selling strollers, real opinions, tests and product tests.

I have taken into account the value for money, so there will be very good strollers that have been taken off for high price, or economic strollers of the best sellers that do not meet expectations in terms of quality.

Best Friend Black Re Lux by Chicco. 579 €.

Gold metallic chassis, 3D effect on the hood and recycled materials in the fabrics of both the stroller and the carrycot.
System of closing and opening as well as change of direction of the chair with one hand.
Includes xxl hood, foot cover and light carrycot.

• Fully reclining backrest and seat in both directions.
• Very light and compact chair, easy to fold with one hand.

• Approved up to 15kg.

Eclipse i-Size by Ickle Bubba. From 699 €.

The 3in1 i-Size option includes the Mercury i-Size car seat suitable up to 13 kg and with the Isofix base included.
Lightweight chrome chassis with extendable telescopic handle, adjustable to 4 positions to suit your height.
Very light and manageable chair, accessories included and easy to open, close and disassemble.

• It has different modes of use, being able to carry two children in it.
• You can choose 3 variants when buying it, depending on what you need.
• Supports up to 22kg and the chair has a weight of 11kg.

• I have not found any negative reviews.

Vizaro Onyx duo or trio. From 549 €.

The Vizaro Onyx can be purchased directly from the factory, which lowers its cost.
You can choose formula to buy only the chair or add carrycot/group 0.
Handlebar adjustable in 5 positions.
Includes bag, cover, bubble, mosquito net, mattress for the carrycot and bottle holder.

• Very easy to fold with one hand.
• Lightweight and very manageable.
• Perfect on uneven terrain.

• It is very broad, so it occupies more than others.

Trio Veo from Kinderkraft. 229€

Kinderkraft stomps with its 3 models of duo and trio strollers at a low price.
Strollers like the Veo or the Moov, economical and very complete.

It supports up to 22kgm, making it useful as a stroller. The carrycot is very wide and deep leaving space for the baby and highlight that it includes the matching bag.

• Easy to assemble and fold.
• Very wide, perfect for big kids.

• It is difficult to contact to get spare parts with the brand.
• Something heavy and big.

Star Ibaby Neo 3.  314 €

Includes group 0 + full zippered fleece bag + new changing bag + umbrella + rain bubble + group 0 adapters.
Very compact chassis, easy to fold, carrycot for use from birth with mattress included.
The chair has 4 reclining positions and 5-point harness.

• Independent damping on wheels and chassis.
• Reversible chair.
• Large and accessible basket.

• It takes up a lot of space.
• Complicated to disassemble with one hand.

Bugaboo Cameleon 3 plus. From 660 €

Manageable and off-road stroller with large rear wheels and smaller front wheels with adjustable suspension.
Reversible handlebar that allows you to change the direction of travel in just a few seconds.
Suitable from birth to 4 years approximately.

• Very light with 9.5 kg. • 2-wheel position to drive in sand or snow.

• To fold it, the carrycot or seat must be removed from the chassis.
• Fairly low carrycot.

Cybex Gold Balios. 475 €

The duos and trios of Cybex are always a success that combines price and quality.
The Balios is the third year that comes out on the bestseller list, this duo is very light and compact with a wide hood, good padding and robust materials.
This option called Gold improves a little on its predecessor.

• Convertible into a trio if you acquire group 0.
• Reversible and fully reclining chair.
• Anti-puncture rubber wheels.
• Compact folding with one hand.

• A bit big.
• The seat must be removed for folding.

GagaDumi Urban. 250 €.

This little-known brand novelty offers a lightweight chair convertible into a trolley with a soft carrycot.
The stroller is available in 6 colors and with various accessories.
It is a large and spacious stroller, perfect to take advantage of it for a long time or for large babies.

• Off-road
trolley • Robust and manageable wheels.

• Soft carrycot, very useful, but not everyone likes it.

Kiduku 3in1. 298 €.

It fulfills three basic functions: trolley, carrycot and car seat.
It has 360° swivel wheels and adjustable handle height in five positions.
The integrated suspension and padded backrest offer maximum comfort.

• Includes many accessories.
• Available in different colors.

• There would be more padding in the carrycot.

Jane Epic. 430 €.

Jané always stands out for her elegant fully functional models, except for the matrix carrycot which is a waste of money.
This model is a lightweight, manageable and economical duo that combines functionality and comfort.

• A group 0 can be adapted to it.
• Sporty, lightweight and compact.

• Very small basket.
• Gives problems with the wheels.

As always when we talk about childcare products, there are many other options for all tastes and pockets. Assess the use you are going to give it, the land through which you are going to move it, the weight / size of your child etc before buying.

When we go to RRSS for help to buy a chair, everyone will tell us to buy the one they have used, but it does not mean that it is good for everyone.

So do not be influenced by what the rest of us have used because surely our needs and tastes are not the same.

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