Do your children like animals?

Our little Noah is a real Noah, we never thought we would get his name so right.

No matter the type of animal, its size or dangerousness, he adores them all and has an exceptional gift that makes them worship him.
For now, every time he is asked what he wants to be when he grows up, he answers that he is a veterinarian or biologist because he dreams of working in the zoo refuge of Castellar, in Cabárceno or in some other similar place.

Obviously, his favorite subject is Science and he always prefers to go to natural parks rather than amusement parks. So it is not surprising that we also have the house full of books and stories about animals, photos with them on top, animal games, figures … My whole life is full of animals, both real and on paper or plastic.


Blackie Books in its label Little has just launched a collection of reference books and activities with varied themes: Academy of cooking, veterinary, medicine and science. I don’t need to tell you which is the first one we have chosen, right?

The collection at the moment consists of those four titles, but we hope they take out many more because the options are immense and the books are a marvel in terms of content and entertainment.

Veterinary academy. Blackie Little Professions Academy Collection.

Where to start when the whole notebook is a real wonder? The information it contains about different animals and their care is really valuable, ideal for children who dream of being veterinarians when they grow up, a first step in the field.

The notebook has 64 pages of information and activities. On its pages there is an indication for both: a logo with a huge I and the text “veterinary info” when it explains something about a specific species and a circle with a “place the sticker here” when it is an activity that must be done and in which we will put the sticker when it is done.


Complete information about species and their care.

Keep in mind that Veterinary Academy is an activity book for children, so when I say “complete information” I keep in mind that it is aimed at children, it is not an encyclopedia of incomprehensible words and eternal texts.

In addition to knowing the care of common pets such as cats and dogs, we will also see tips for hamsters, rabbits, turtles, amphibians or farm animals.
But it also gives us data and care about other non-domestic species such as monkeys, tigers, rhinos, elephants … For something I say that it is very complete.


Activities and hobbies.

More than half of the notebook is intended for games and activities related to animal care: knowledge tests, drawings, pairing, differences, labyrinths and a thousand other things. No two activities are the same, they are all different.

It will ask us to draw the perfect hamster cage, to distinguish the spots of leopards, cheetahs and jaguars or to make a bird feeder that we can hang in a park or garden.



Games included in the book.

In addition to all the activities mentioned, the book also comes with a few extras: a folding board from the game Snakes and Giraffes, a version of the classic Snakes and Ladderss.A die-cut figure of a horse to assemble, a small deck of cards with veterinary themes as a background of the game, a poster with different kinds of animals and a few stickers.




Title: Veterinary
Academy Texts: Steve Martin
Illustrations: Angela Keoghan
Publisher: Blackie Books.
Theme: animals, activities.
ISBN: 978-84-18733-68-0
Details: 64 pages, 23 x 20 cm

Notebooks as a veterinary academy to learn with hobbies.

We have had more Blackie Books hobby notebooks and it is a format that we like a lot because they learn in a very playful way with them.
In the case of these notebooks from the Blackie Little Academy collection, we add that they are themed with topics that children may be passionate about, an extra motivation for them to want to finish them in a single day, like my son.

Without being “homework” or having anything to do with other more school booklets, these help them consolidate concepts while developing their creativity with each activity: they will have to make drawings, labyrinths, hobbies, crafts, etc. And all with current issues that are often also present in the classroom, but more fun.

They also serve to have a routine doing other types of activities, away from screens and practicing calligraphy and organizational skills.

The only thing we have to take into account when choosing one of the titles, either veterinary academy or another of those available, is that children have to like it and should not become an obligation.

About the authors:

Steve Martin is the author of this collection.

Angela Kepghan is a freelance illustrator who combines a variety of digital and organic media. Her work is inspired by exploration, travel, nature and a library of old children’s books.

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