Do you know the Peppa Pig playhouse?

It was the year 2010 when in Spain we met Peppa Pig, a pig with her own television series that would conquer thousands of children until it became a success of audiences.

Peppa’s stories take place in her world: in Peppa’s house, Madame Gazelle’s school or in the family vehicle.

Its plots are totally innocent and educational for children and each episode instills values such as friendship, love for family, respect or generosity.

could tell you a thousand things about the series, but I doubt you don’t know it already, especially if you’re a parent.
So let’s skip all this to go straight to what children will like the most: toys, in this case, Hasbro Peppa Pig toys.

Peppa Pig toys from Hasbro.

It does not matter that we have boys or girls, surely they like Peppa and that you already have some other figure or toy of the series. Noah already had the little school and a Peppa talking to him, before he turned 5.

At Hasbro we have many Peppa licensed toys for all ages. Most are the houses and vehicles of the series that we like so much and that are compatible with each other, a perfect excuse to recreate the world of Peppa with its nursery, house, family car or caravan.


All the figures of the houses, vehicles and other buildings and those sold separately by the Peppa family fit perfectly into the available sets.

For those who like cars and tracks I have seen a super gift: the Peppa circuit in the city.
A huge circuit with tracks where the car of the Peppa family circulates and emblematic buildings of the series such as the family home, the school or the park.

This circuit is interactive and has 4 trigger points where the narrator tells them a story by stopping their car in them. Kids can choose to follow the storyteller’s story or continue their adventure on their own.


In addition, they also have a board game, junior monopoly. It is the same as the traditional game, but set in the series and its characters and perfect for the whole family to play.


Although Noah is already grown up and opts for other types of games and toys, now there is Alma, who takes over and plays with these figures from his favorite series and begins to be interested in free play and imitation.

So we decided to try to see if she liked to have her first dollhouse and in Peppa they have not one, but several different houses with accessories and figures.
Which one will have been chosen?

Peppa Pig playhouse.

The Peppa playhouse has been the last novelty to arrive and as I said, it is for little Alma, who will receive it as a gift from kings … That is why he wanted to show it to you before, but not with the girl, because she should not see it ahead of time.

The house includes 2 figures of Peppa and Rebecca, 7 pieces of furniture with double utility and the famous “only children” flag to place on the roof.
Each piece of furniture has a rotating part or can be turned over into different ones: the tea table can be a game table, the kitchen becomes the counter of a store and the vegetable display rotates to become a toy display.

Peppa Pig playhouse.

Includes 2 figures of Peppa and Rebecca.
7 gaming accessories.
Movable wall to change the scene.
Phrases and sounds of the series.
13.5 x 46.4 x 33 centimeters

It comes practically armed and you will only have to add the swing and the slide. The other furniture is used throughout the house and is not fixed.
I have to say that it has a pretty good size and comfortable for very young children, it’s a cute house!

It has another peculiarity and is that at the bottom of its first floor there is a movable wall that makes the stage change and can be a pastry shop or a room / toy store.

The Peppa Pig playhouse also stands out for its interactive part. The orange button on the first floor can be operated by hand or by placing the characters on it and activates numerous sounds and melodies from the TV series. We are not talking about 3 or 4, it actually has many. I should have counted them before I wrapped it as a gift, now it’s late.

Interactive house that favors symbolic play.

I remember when Noah was little and started school they gave a lot of importance to free or symbolic play. They used to let them play at their leisure with various objects that imitate everyday situations such as kitchenettes, supermarkets, houses, baby dolls, etc.

Dollhouses allow children to know and understand better the world around them and promote their cognitive development.
With them they perform the symbolic game that allows them to develop language, socialize, improve their motor skills and learn to handle themselves in everyday situations and solve problems that arise.

Playing houses, small shops or similar, they develop their imagination when creating plots, conflicts, resolutions and situations that will arise by imitation of what they see in their day to day.

At the same time they are gaining autonomy while assuming the different roles of the characters. They can play mom and dad, grandparents, siblings… and solve the conflicts of their world on their own and set the rules.

There are many benefits of playing with dollhouses, whatever type they are: from developing social to motor skills, working on empathy, autonomy and problem solving or educating in equality when children play with them.

The Peppa Pig playhouse or any other model of the Peppa houses that Hasbro has seem ideal for the infant stage where they know the character perfectly and will cause them a lot of fun to hear the melodies and sounds of the series, as well as to be able to play with Peppa, Rebeca and other characters.

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