Diary of a killer cat.

In my house there are 6 cats, between the landlords and the stray ones who have adopted us. Of course, none as peculiar as Tuffy. My cats are pure love, cuddly, sleepy and calm. Even the street ones!.

As for Tuffy, it’s another story… He is the protagonist of his own series of books and for me that has gone to his head and is a totally detached and sullen cat.

Of course, his books are a success. Who doesn’t want even a little bit of this rogue catBlackie Books is a Midas of literature and everything it touches turns it into gold. His series and children’s collections are a resounding success and the kids love them.
We already have the first volume of the killer cat edited by them and now we are going for the continuation.

Tuffy is excited, her family is going on vacation! And that means not having to put up with them for a whole week. Fantasy. Everything seems idyllic until Mrs. Tanner, his usual babysitter, announces that this time she will not be able to take care of him.
When Tuffy learns that the caregiver that week will be Reverend Barnham, the worst is feared. A priest? Caring for a cat? Where has such a thing been seen? But Tuffy knows how to handle the situation. Or so he thinks.

The return.

They say cats have a hard time with changes, absences and travel. Tuffy is not a normal cat, he is looking forward to his owners going on vacation and leaving him alone. He’s not even angry about not going with them, he’s happy that he doesn’t have to put up with them by telling him everything he can’t do and throwing the anger at him when he still does.

But not everything is going to go round this time, he will not be left in charge of his usual babysitter, Mrs. Tanner. Instead, he will stay with Reverend Barham. Oh, oh.

And sure, the reverend has a lot of patience, but he’s uncompromising. He’s not going to let Tuffy do things she shouldn’t like break furniture, get on the couch, or waste food.

So Tuffy has no choice but to escape, and when he ends up in the arms of a little neighbor who treats him like a king, he decides that he is fine there… even if she dresses him in women’s clothes and calls him Janet.

Will the Reverend find Tuffy?
Will Tuffy leave of her own free will with her family?
Will Melanie find out it’s Tuffy and return it?
That is something you will have to discover.

Fresh and sparkling reading.

I can’t tell who likes to read Tuffy’s adventures the most, my son or me.
They’re really funny and reading about a moody, selfish rogue cat is funny.

Reading is very enjoyable and costs nothing to devour each book. In addition, the illustrations faithfully reflect Tuffy’s personality and all her misdeeds in great detail. It is impossible not to love him.

Although his behavior leaves much to be desired and that he does not follow basic rules of education or coexistence, we should all have a little bit of Tuffy inside and skip the rules from time to time.

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