Who are the Momonsters?

I am sure that every family that has small children and a television at home right now knows who the Momonsters of the Clan channel are. Haha, Hehe, Hihi, Hoho and Huhu have sneaked into thousands of homes through TV with their adventures at Momonsters academy.

These cute stuffed monsters yearn to become children’s best friends, but first they must learn how to do it through everyday situations. Every day at the academy the teacher explains and shows them the activities that children like the most: running, skating, playing hide and seek, going to the theater… They have to pay close attention and show that they can imitate them.

We are talking about a series of Spanish production that is a success among children. Each of the characters has a distinct personality that resembles that of any boy or girl of that age with their rections, limitations, emotions and expressions:

•Haha: She is a girl and is 6 years old. She is the oldest of all and that is why she always tries to behave like an adult in front of others.

• Hehe: She is a boy and is almost 2 years old. He is cheerful, curious and loves to imitate his friends.

• Hihi: He is a 5-year-old boy. It’s kind of scary, very shy and a little pessimistic.

•Hoho: She is a 5-year-old girl. She is very enthusiastic, nervous and with an overflowing imagination.

• Huhu: She is also a 5-year-old boy. He is optimistic and good-natured, willing to play with anyone at anything. He always gets carried away and almost everything seems good to him.


Educational and technological series.

The series goes beyond offering a good product on television for the most demanding audience. It is a transmedia brand that seeks to amplify its reach by joining the series to the new technologies so present in our homes.

More and more series add the quick response effect by integrating the audience into them through interaction with their characters. This is the case of this series, who uses a voiceover of a child we never see, but we do hear, and who invites children in their homes to participate in activities and imitate their favorite monsters.


The series has its own educational app where children will have to take care of the Momonsters and that serves as a reinforcement of everything they learn and experience at the stage they are at (2 to 6 years).

And if that were not enough, the series also has all the stuffed animals of each character and in two different sizes (16 or 25 cm). In addition, these stuffed animals are not only very soft, they are also interactive!

The Momonsters stuffed animals.

Haha, Hehe, Hihi, Hoho and Huhu have come to our home to fill it with laughter, games and songs with Alma.
The stuffed animals of the characters of the series you will find them looking for the Bandai brand, I do not think it needs introduction, because it is a brand detodalavidadedios and of which I would dare to say that we all have something of theirs at home.

In the online store of Bandai in addition to having the 5 musical characters in large size, they have the mini-size, a dancing Huhu that moves to the sound of the music of the series and a puzzle of cubes for the kids who are already starting to play and feel alone to be able to handle the pieces.

Alma is still too young to understand what they say or follow the game, but they are an excellent stimulation for her and we notice how she looks for them, calls them and tries to get them to tell her something, since she knows that they talk and sing, although she has not yet discovered the button.


Each of the 5 different stuffed animals comes with the most used phrases in the series with the voice of each of them and could not miss the recognized entrance song.

That’s where Alma gets lost because she is too small to know how to hit the button, but her parents come to the rescue causing her to laugh and jump as soon as she hears them.

Plush (various models).

Plush of 25-28 cm.It is soft and very soft
Has phrases from the series, sounds and music
Flexible joints to create fun phrases

The ones we have measure approximately 26-28 cm and have flexible joints, being able to place them with different poses.

One thing I really liked about safety is that the battery and sound compartment is very well integrated, hidden and inaccessible to children. It is not located behind a velcro like other toys, this one comes well sewn and is impossible to open by them. If you need to change the batteries, I guess you can unstitch a small part and sew again.

Although the ideal age to understand what they say and interact with them is from 2 years, I see it suitable for babies of 1 year or little more. They will not know how to press the button on their own at first, but they attract a lot of attention and develop their curiosity to know where the sound comes from, how it is activated, its colors and its shapes.

They have a tremendously soft texture on the body and more rigid on the extremities, eyes and mouth, as well as some details and adornment, something that favors the development of the sense of touch.

Another thing I see is that they are ideal as an attachment doll for their softness and security. We already know that children choose their object or attachment doll themselves and not the one we want, but I want to emphasize that I see them as a good option. They feel safer and more accompanied when mom and dad are not around.

Finally, although I’m sure I leave things, being a stuffed animal with sounds and phrases favors the development of speech by trying to imitate the stuffed animal listening in turn and then practicing pronunciation. Even if they are small so that we can understand what they say, the fact that they “talk” with their stuffed animals or with us is already helping in their communication skills.

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