Ninja Kid series.

Ninja Kid is a series of books that RBA Molino began publishing in 2019 and is already in its eighth volume.

Its protagonist is a boy named Nelson, just over 10 years old, who inherits his father’s powers and becomes a Ninja Kid. His mission from now on is to try to save his father, kidnapped by the evil Dr. Kane.

For this he has the help of his fantastic grandmother Pat, a great inventor. Also collaborating is his cousin Kenny, who has his own powers and secret identity.

This series has all the perfect ingredients to become a favorite read for children between 7 and 10 years old: powers, superheroes, many illustrations, humor, short and funny texts and a story of adventures and dangers that hooks from the first page.

DANGER, TOYS have come to life!

Grandma has created the coolest invention ever: a glove that can bring toys to life! BUT, when the glove is stolen, Nelson and Kenny have to find a way to get it back… before AN ARMY OF LUNATIC DOLLS takes over the CITY!

Vol.7: Ninja Toys

This volume corresponds to the 7th published and is entitled “ninja toys“.
Grandma the brown lea inventing a glove that gives life to toys, and is that those toys decide to steal the glove and sow chaos in Duck Creek.

The fact is that the grandmother is a genius, a great inventor of devices that sometimes work and sometimes do not. He lives in a junkyard so he has no limits in his task of creating things, gossip and gadgets of all kinds. Imagine her as a crazy scientist with a kind face.

Nelson is the protagonist, Pat’s grandson. And he was a normal kid until one day he became a Ninja Kid by Superninja’s paternal heritage… father who by the way is missing and kidnapped by Doctor Kane, and that is Nelson’s main mission: to save his father one day.

But while that happens, he, his mother and his cousin Kenny live in the dump with grandma and occasionally have to defend Duck Creek from the evil Kane.

This time the manic doctor uses the invention of the grandmother to achieve his plan to evict Duck Creek and all the toys that come to life thanks to the glove are dedicated to scaring people to vacate the city.
To top it off, Superninja is with them and looks half-gone or hypnotized, a puppet in the hands of Dr. Kane.

Too many open fronts for Ninja Kid, he has to once again save the city and try to get his father back. Will he succeed?

Despite being a saga of several titles, the books are asked to read independently, since in the first chapter of the book he makes a brief summary of the characters and their history.
It is a thick book with almost 200 pages, but do not panic, it is suitable to read it from 7 years thanks to its large typography, the illustrations that accompany it and other details that we will talk about now.

For starters, all its pages are illustrated and although there is no color, it does not need to hook the most reluctant readers. They are extremely detailed and perfectly complement the texts.

As for the texts, they are easily understandable by the little ones and there are not excessive paragraphs that make them sigh. Each page has paragraphs of between 3 and 12 lines with large typography and mixing different fonts to give more intensity to the dialogues.

The story is read in one go and hooks you from the first moment.
For now there are 8 volumes published and something tells me that more still have to arrive before Ninja Kid manages to rescue Superninja from the clutches of the evil Kane.

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