Balance and children’s coordination: Wide-wheeled motorcycles.

I’d be lying if I said my son values wide bikes that favor balance. No, he likes them because they are the cane to throw himself down the slopes, we admit it. But I am very much looking for the practical, pedagogical, and learning side.

We had the first bike when I was a year old or so. She was small and immediately took a liking to her, she loved that bike. Two years ago, at Christmas, my sister gave her the bike. I regret to inform my sister in this way that she has never paid much attention to her. He has always preferred the bike, he does not want to know anything about the bike.
So this year for his birthday I thought it was time to retire the bike because it was dwarf, the knees were already hitting him on the handlebars.
And so came to my house the super motorcycle of Batman of Moltó:

I admit, I’ve been in love with Batman since I was little. I always dreamed he was my boyfriend and we were getting married haha, so when I saw this particular model, I didn’t think about it. It is ideal for children 4 years and older because it is almost 1 meter high.
And also, that is the beautiful cane.


This type of motorcycle is one of the first “vehicles” that children can use and that help children develop balance. Yes, I know that most use bikes without pedals, but I do not see a child of a year and a half on a bike while in one of these small ones if he can learn. That does not mean that there are not, because I know one of the town that with 2 years flew by bike, but it is not my case. Mine came out lazier.

I was worried that they were not recommended because of the issue that the width affects the hips somewhat, but an osteopath told me that as long as the time of use is not abused (like everything) and that the seat is not too wide, there is no major problem.

It is clear that they will acquire more balance on a bike than on a motorcycle, but to start when they are still too small, it is a better option. And if you hate bikes later? That has happened to me, he doesn’t even want to see them, there’s no way for him to get on, he wants the bike. So I have no choice but to continue with motorcycles, I’m not going to force him to ride a bike.

They also serve to gain in coordination while strengthening balance. Motorcycles of this type are not to learn to ride, but to gain skill. It strengthens the muscles of the legs and arms and enhances eye-foot-hand coordination. Little by little they are gaining autonomy and confidence.


Lucia (planning to be parents) told us in her post about ride-on motorcycles, some aspects to take into account when choosing them, such as paying special attention to the height and width of the motorcycle in relation to children. I leave the link to his post so you can take a look at his advice.

I fully agree with it, you have to pay attention to the height of the bike, never buy one too big (to take advantage of it more) or one too small. Try to make them adjust, now we have it easy because they give us the measurements of each one, as on the Moltó website:

You also have to look at the width. When children are still very small, it is advisable that they are not too wide because of the hips, and that they do not use it constantly. Details such as the shape of the seat, that it does not have edges or protrusions that can damage the genitals etc. should also be taken into account.

I leave you at the end a small video running with the motorcycle by no man’s land.
PS: We forgot to add it to the video, on the seat of the motorcycle there is a tab, it turns and the seat opens to be able to store things in a compartment. It is great for me to leave the keys and the mobile inside when we are running around.

We chose it from Moltó because the father and son insisted that they wanted that Batman. I have trusted Moltó already other times, for example last Christmas when I fancied the elephant corridor suitcase and of course, I took it.

Don’t tell me it’s not precious:

And do not think that they are useless eh, that it deceives a lot. I use it for all trips and I put perfectly there clothes for 4-5 days, spare shoes, jackets, some toys and toiletry bags. Enter more than you think. And it’s so cute. It is super comfortable and resistant and when they get bored they can climb on top and let themselves go or throw themselves down a corridor haha. Okay, it was a whim of me, did I tell you that it was very cute?.

Returning to the web, in the Molto Shop you have a real range of motorcycles to choose from, classified by sizes. Also corridor suitcases like mine, of another color, or with the design of a scooter and attention. from 25€.
Toy kitchenettes, the famous gusyluz of always, tricycles, activity blankets, construction games etc. As you will see, they lack nothing.

Shipments from € 25 are totally free and very fast. If you do not reach that amount, the cost is € 5 for Spain. They have a money-back guarantee and are always available in case you have any problems, the truth is that the attention is almost immediate.
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