Antiheroes S.L. The evil hamster.

Antihéroes S.L. is the story of two superheroes from Dreamsville, a small town somewhere in the world.

They are Leo Leon and Superjul.
And like every hero, ours go to school, the boring school they certainly don’t adore.

It all starts with Leo León, comic book adorer and very fan of Superjul, the best hero in the world!
Superjul is brave, he has superpowers, he’s megastrong and he’s really cool. Who wouldn’t want to be like him?

Well, thanks to a super-limited edition of the Superjul comic, Leo has the opportunity to meet his favorite hero. He didn’t count on being lucky enough to be chosen, but he lost nothing by trying.

And that’s how Superjul appeared in his room through the window. Only that this Superjul in front of him was short, his suit looked ragged, he had a few kilos left over and he did not look like a superhero.

It turns out that Superjul isn’t that super, and it has nothing to do with the hero Leo believed. He is quite lazy, passive, does not stop eating junk food and lacks all his powers.
Even so, Leo wants to live hero adventures with him and takes him to school because he does not have a better plan, you will see what to do next.
A 6-year-old boy with a clumsy Superhero in his hidden school… What could go wrong?



Saving the world… of chiripa!
A new series of first reads to laugh at!

Leo León spends the day reading the comics of his favorite superhero, Superjul, the best hero in the world! Superjul can fly, run at supersonic speeds and is ultra-megastrong. Wow, that’s super cool!

Or so Leo thought until she really knows him… and discovers that Superjul could actually be called Superpasota, Supervago or Superpatoso, for example. In addition, his suit is dusty and has a good potbelly.

Does this weird guy really have to protect Dreamsville from crime?
Well, we’re fine!


Title: Antihéroes S.L., the evil hamster.
Author: Dashiell Fernández
Illustrations by Ana Palmira
Publisher: Penguin Ramdom.
Theme: comic, humor.
ISBN: 978-8418688157
Details: 128 pp, 15 x 21 cm

Atypical heroes and other species.

The series has already published three books, this being that today we show you the first volume.
With him we meet Leo León and his fanaticism for Superjul, which leads him to bring him to Dreamsville to discover that his hero is not so hero.
From there begins the nonsense of these two antiheroes so close that they start laughter.

Puncture in its favor the typography and style used by the book. Far from being the typical novel with some illustration and pure text, this series combines small and large illustrations mixed in its pages, so that the book is devoured quickly without becoming heavy.
In his typography he plays with bold highlights and phrases in bubbles that direct the reader’s attention to what is important.
Particularly, at home this type of books are preferred for the ease with which they are read without realizing it.

The book is read at the same time and hooks young readers, with the recommended age being 7 years and older.
perfect collection to leave behind the most children’s illustrated albums and take a step towards the comic or the juvenile novel without there being a drastic change between one and the other.

About the authors:

Dashiell Fernández has worked in various audiovisual production companies as an editor, script and production coordinator or translator. Currently, he is dedicated to the edition of books.

Ana Palmira is an illustrator and graphic designer “all-terrain”. She is also passionate about illustration, cartoon and comics.

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