Attachment doll, rag or doudou for babies, What is its function?

Today we are going to talk about one of those objects that I consider essential in motherhood for its emotional use and the benefits it brings.
I confess that I had not heard of the doudou or the attachment doll until the day I had my son and they gave me two. I thought they were simple little hairs, very soft and loving, but nothing more. The fact is that they were not simple stuffed animals, since this type of attachment object shaped like a rag or stuffed animal provides security and calm to the baby when mom can not be attached to it. I wish we could be like this all day, but that’s not usually the case.

What is the object or attachment doll?

This doll known by multiple names: doudou, rag, doll, transition object, etc., can have many shapes and be from a rag without defined shape to a doll with “blanket”. Its mission is to provide security and tranquility to the baby when he sleeps or when he is alone.

We would all like to be with them 24hr glued, but we know that it is not possible.
Whether it’s being at home while we attend to our tasks, or when we have to separate and leave them with someone we trust, this little hair acts as a comfort.

So although it may seem like just a rag or stuffed animal, it has a very important psychological function, offering comfort, security and affection when mom, or the main person of attachment to the baby, is not there. This can happen when they are sleeping, in nursery school, in charge of a relative, when it is time to go to school for the first time … at any time, from 6-7 months onwards.
Did you never have a favorite stuffed animal from which you did not separate?, because this is similar, but already thought of being used for that purpose.

Choose your object or attachment doll.

The choice is usually a matter of the daddies, since babies are too small to opt for one or the other, although the last word is the baby and will end up taking attachment to the stuffed animal, object or rag that he decides. Sometimes the object of attachment is not a doll and happens to be the pacifier itself or a mom’s shirt, but it is normal that it is one of the so-called doudous, which are rags with built-in doll and a very soft and pleasant texture.

The rag or doll that we use must be completely safe. Avoid dolls whose eyes can accidentally separate, try to make it completely soft so as not to hurt yourself even if they fall asleep on it. It should not be an articulated doll or with an interior skeleton and it is preferable that it is made of hypoallergenic and washable textiles.

We opted for a Kaloo attachment doll. Several to be honest, since we like to have spare.

Kaloo has been creating doudous and stuffed animals for babies with care, care and dedication for almost 25 years. Its brand is a guarantee of safety with safe shapes and materials, respectful of the sensitive skin of the little ones, resistance of fibers and colors and always prioritizing the quality and well-being of the baby, as well as their safety.

They define themselves as “creators of sweetness” and have decided to respond to that natural need for tenderness, love and comfort with wonderful creations for the most valuable and important thing there is, our babies.

When and how to introduce it?

Although we might think that it is an object to use from birth, really when to have utility is from 6-7 months when the baby begins to understand that he is independent of his mother and may need it to not be afraid or anxious to be separated from her.

The concept of attachment object or doll was introduced by pediatrician and psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott. Between the 1940s and 1960s she helped thousands of women raise their babies using a tool little known at the time: psychology. Mothers at the time were told that children should be fed at fixed times, that they should not be held in their arms or given excessive attention to avoid dependence, but Winnicott encouraged mothers to trust their maternal instincts and ignore the rules imposed.

When babies begin to move on their own through crawling, it is when they begin to realize that they are independent beings from their mothers and that is the perfect time to use the attachment doll so that this completely normal situation is not traumatic for them.

It should not be forced that yes or yes they have their transition object, some babies never get to have it or do not need it and nothing happens.
Nor should we control with a calendar when they should pick it up and release it, each baby is different and there is no deadline. While some babies will release this doll before the age of two, others will use it throughout their childhood and it is normal that they do not have any negative points.

Extra tips.

 Try to sleep one night with the doll next to you so that it has your smell when giving it to your baby, it will help give him more peace of mind for being a recognizable aroma and to which he feels so close.

• If you can, have two identical dolls just in case you lose one or have to wash it, so there will be no dislikes.
In the event that it is not possible to have two identical dolls, use two different ones with your baby from the beginning so that he gets used to both.
For example, with Alma we use a “spare” attachment doll similar to the main one, both from Kaloo’s DouDou collection. One is a bear and the other a bunny that although they are not the same, their texture and softness is the same to change from one to another when they have to go through the washing machine.

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